Skintact W60 AquaWet ECG Electrode pack of 30

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SKINTACT ® Low Cost Multipurpose ECG Electrodes
Our SKINTACT ECG electrodes on cards ten are our no compromise
attitude to quality and variety at very competitive prices.


  • the SKINTACT monitoring ECG electrode range offers a choice of standard and enhanced adhesives (order codes beginning with “FS”)
  • easy to open pouch and handling aid on all SKINTACT monitoring electrodes facilitate use
  • protective backings of short term monitoring electrodes are impermeable to liquids present in surgical procedures
  • light breathable microporous and soft cloth backings of long term monitoring electrodes provide patient comfort for long term use

SKINTACT electrodes are available with four backings:

• Foam backing materials protect sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids. The thin foam layer permits maximum flexibility.

• Skin-friendly Microporous Tape adapts well to body contours, increasing comfort. Tape – backed SKINTACT electrodes promote breathability and transpiration, important in long term applications.

• Soft Cloth backing offers many of the benefits of tape plus added elasticity to conform to most body movements. Cloth-backed SKINTACT electrodes provide the long term comfort and durability required by active patients.

• Clear Tape backing protects sensor against fluids and being transparent it permits constant skin observation

Gels & Shelf Life:
SKINTACT electrodes are available with three gels:

• AQUA-TAC: Solid adhesive gel electrodes add the benefit of 100% skin surface contact. It leaves no residue upon removal

• AQUA-WET: Liquid gels designed for fast pick up of the ECG signal even if inadequate skin prep is carried out. Aqua -Wet electrodes are an ideal choice for short term procedures.

• AQUA-SET: A solid wet gel designed for long term procedures and stress testing.


Gel Connector: Aqua-Wet
Backing, Adhesive: Soft Cloth
Dimensions:60 mm
Suggested Use: Monitoring & Stress Testing
Packing Standard: Packs of 30
Skintact ECG Electrodes Brochure

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