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12 Channel ECG Machine iMac 12

$3,499.00 Excl. GST

This fast, smart tablet ECG has a thin and light design to make it easily portable and can easily transfer data wirelessly. It features a 10.4 inch super sensitive and capacitive screen design, 4 hours battery duration, handwriting pen and ergonomic design all in one storage bag. The iMac120 uses the University Of Glasgow Interpretation with a high sample rate of 32,000Hz.

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Product Description

12 Channel ECG Machine iMac 12

12 Channel ECG Machine is the lightest and thinnest ECG machine in the world

10.4 inch supet sensetive HD LED Touch Display

45mm thickness, 1.1kg weight

Standard configured the Multi-axisTP innovative thermal Printer can accurately trace each ECG waveform

Digital Sampling Rate: 32000Hz

A/D Conversion: 24 bits

Frequency response: 0.01-350Hz

Support double-pole pacemaker detection

Support sending ECG report by Email

Qwerty keyboard and Shortcut key setting

Original iFilter adaptive filtering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality.

12 Channel resting ECG

Handwriting Pen

Full screen writing

Input supported

Practical external port

Plug and play

Lithium-ion battery

4 hours battery duration

Slide Type paper draw

Infared scanning system

Report management and data statistics

Ergonomics Design

All in one storage bag

Uses the University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm

Click on this link for University of Glasgow manufacturer partners.

12 Channel ECG Machine, iMac12 ECG Touchscreen ZONIMAC12

  • 18 Month Warranty

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions39 × 24 × 46 cm

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