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Beneware CardioShield 280/281 PC ECG with Stand Alone Feature

$1,799.00$2,799.00 Excl. GST

Main Features:

Best Practice Compatibility.

Colour Touch Screen: input patient ID, name, review ECG waveform, recall stored ECG data, review real time HR.

Simple, Smart, Intuitive Software.

Stand Alone Feature.

Lead-off-detection: Auto-hint the leads connection status after being collected with patient.

Built in battery and memory. Supports 200 ECG data.

Protected from defibrillator.

Pacemaker detection: amplitude >or = 2 mV, duration   >or = 2200 us.

Parameters for print out QTcb, QTcd, QTcf, QTlc.

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Product Description

Beneware CardioShield 280 & 281 PC ECG with Stand Alone Feature

Beneware CardioShield 280 ECG Machine Synchronous 12 Channel ECG, 10000Hz sample rate.

Color touch screen, built-in FLASH storage, support 200 normal ECG records.

Only two steps to complete ECG acquisition and diagnosis.

Cardio Shield PC-ECG is one PC based modern ECG analysis system integrating ECG, ward acquisition, wireless transceiver, ECG information management. This system will make your work easier and simplier.

Portable ECG Machine, Beneware Cardioshield PC ECG BENCS280

Beneware CardioShield 280 ECG Machine Features

Comprehensive Automatic Analysis Functions.

Conventional 12 Channel ECG Analysis.

Spectrum Analysis (FCG).

Conventional 12 Channel ECG Analysis (Qtd).

High Frequency ECG (HFECG).

Parameters for print out QTcb, QTcd, QTcf, QTlc.


Three Working Modes to Meet Different Clinic Requires.


1. Quick Mode-For Rapid Examination Finish Reports by Only Two Steps!

Step one: Quick Mode-For Rapid Examination Finish Reports by Only Two Steps!

Step two: Print – Directly print report after acquisition.


2. Conventional Mode-For General Clinics&Outpatient Dept.

Steps: Input patient ID -> Acquire and save -> Analyze and Diagnose -> Print Report.

Rich auxiliary tools:electronic ruler,baseline excursion filter.

Integrated data management: continuous compared observation of ECG,tracking variation of ECG.


3. Beside Mode-For Inpatient Dept.

Built in chargeable battery, acquire ECG at the beside wirelessly.

Color touch-screen, input patient ID directly; Bulit-in large storage.

Import data by USB.


Three High-lights

1: “What You See is What you Get”.

2: Detect and View Pacemaker Signal in Real Time.

3: Built-in storage and battery, wireless acquisition,make beside examination convenient.




Portable ECG Monitor,Beneware Cardioshield PC ECG BENCS280

2 Year Warranty


Sample Print out PDF


Kit Contents Specifications
Minimum Configuration Recommended Configuration
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 l.8GHz
Memory: 512MB
Hard Disk: lOGB
Resolution: 1280*800
Printer: 600dpi
Operation System: Windows XP

Recommended Configuration
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz
Memory: 2GB
Hard Disk: 500GB
Resolution: 1920* 1080
Printer: 600dpi
Operating System: Windows 7

PC-ECG Beneware Cardioshield Specifications
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions33 × 20 × 9 cm
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Yes, No

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