Biolight E30 3 Channel ECG

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This highly portable 3 channel ECG has a 8″ colour touchscreen and realtime 3 channel printer. It weighs less than 6kg.


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Biolight E30 3 Channel ECG with interpretation 80mm printer

Functional requirements: electricity (AC-powered) bedside device designed to continuously detect, measure, and display a patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) through leads and sensors attached to the patient, it also typically display heart rate. The device is typically equipped with audible and/or visual alarms that are triggered when the patient’s parameters drop below or exceed pre-set limits. Continuous display of patient ECG and heart rate on screen,Allows display of single, 5 lead ECG or simultaneous display of at least 5 waves selected from up to 12 points.Operator can set audiovisual alarm levels for low or high heart rate.Operates from mains voltage or from internal rechargeable battery. – yes

Heart rate measurement range to be at least 30 to 250 bpm, with accuracy better than ± 5 bpm – yes

Heart rate trend display of at least previous 24 hours – yes

Audiovisual alarms required: high and low heart rate (operator variable settings), cardiac arrhythmia, sensor / wire disconnected, low battery – yes

weight – 1500 gram

Additional Information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions40 × 22 × 31 cm