Beneware CardioTrak ECG Holter Monitor 24 Hour

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Beneware CardioTrak 3 Lead ECG Holter Monitor. At only 63g in weight it is barely noticed by the patient and can be used for 24 or 48 hour sessions. Includes screen for real time monitoring.

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Beneware CardioTrak Holter Monitor 24 Hour

Ambulatory electrocardiogram (AECG) is a method to continuously record and analyze changes of human heart in active and static conditions for a long time.

The Beneware Holter Monitor is able to continuously record the whole process of electrocardiogram (ECG) activities for 24 to 48 hours, including ECG data in situations such as rest, activity, eating, work, study and sleep, and is able to find cardiac arrhythmia and myocardial ischemia that is out of normal ECG’s reach. It is an important subjective evidence for clinical analysis of illness, determining diagnosis and judging healing effect.

The Beneware CardioTrak Digital Holter Recorder is a part of the CardioTrak Digital Holter Analysis System (digital Holter recorder and digital Holter analysis program), which is applied to record and analyze ECG signal for clinical diagnosis and research.

The CardioTrak digital Holter recorder is intended for patients requiring ambulatory (Holter) monitoring up to 48 hours.

ECG Holter Monitor is Compact, Lightweight
Only 63g weight, small, standard geometry design, easy to use and carry.

High quality ECG signal processing
High exceed the signal-to-noise ratio (>100dB) High-resolution (16bit, Highest 10000Hz sampling) Integrated, pacemaker detection in all channels.

Effectively restrain the industrial frequency, EMG, baseline drift etc interference signals, improve signal quality.

Low power consumption
One AAA alkaline battery could support more than 96 hours of continuous recording , beyond the normal Holter equipment.

Record card initialization exception Electrode loss, Low power consumption Misuse of false alarms.

Beneware Cardiotalk Holter-Software

Real-time observation

Built-in LCD screen, can display important parameters. When put the electrode in place, real-time observation of any lead ECG waveform, to ensure electrode placement successfully. Using advanced devices, pay attention to every detail, critical QC system ensures aerospace level quality.

Highly reliable

Dual CRC/MD5 data validation methods and whole dynamic checking mechanism to ensure true and reliable data.

Emphasize every detail

Beneware emphasizes the design of every single detail.

IT standardization

Standard SD card with large-capacity, high-precision data storage and transmission. Standard 24-hour record, can be downloaded in 30 seconds.

Concise and security key control system

To ensure quick operation, while avoiding the incorrect operation of patients.

General specifications
Channels: 3
Signal verification: LCD,LED,BUZZER,KEY
Sample Rate: 10000 samples per second
Memory: Removable 2GB SD Card
Recording time: User selectable 24 or 48 hours
Time accuracy: 24 hours±30s
Pacemaker detection: Integrated, pacemaker detection in all 3 channels

Physical specifications
Dimensions(H×D×W): 86.3 x 56 x 16.5 mm (3.4 x2.2 x0.6 inches)
Weight: 66g (2.1 oz)
Enclosure: Molded plastic
Patient cable: 7-pin yoke, snap-on

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 1.2~1.6V
Resolution: 16-bit sampling
Frequency response: 0.05~410Hz @-3dB
Input impedance: >10M©
CMRR: >90dB
Battery type: (1) AAA ALKALINE (LR3)
Battery duration: >72 hours

Environmental specifications
Operation temperature: 5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to +55°C
Operating relative humidity: d95%
24 hour ECG Holter Monitor Brochure

User Guide
Cardiotrak Holter Operating & Technical
Cardiotrak Holter Brief User Guide

Software Manual
Cardiotrak Holter Software Manual

FAQs_Holter ECG

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 15 cm

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