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Temp Alert 3G / GSM Auto Dialler & Data Logger

$495.00 Excl. GST

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Temp Alert 3G / GSM Auto Dialler & Data Logger

Monitor your Pharmacy, Laboratory Refrigerator or Freezer from your home, office or where ever you are from an App on your smart phone.

Our Temp Alert immediately makes the data live via the App or you can even send a SMS to the Temp Alert and it will send one right back with the real time temperature.

Not only does the Temp Alert do the above for you, you can also access all historical data straight from your app and you can even ask it to send you an excel sheet of all historical data. Temp Alert also offers a built in rechargeable battery that will last up to 2 hours in case of a power failure and it will even send you a SMS to tell you the power is out.

You can easily set all alarm thresholds and program numbers for each sensor via smart phone app.

Our Temp Alert is not only easy to use but will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure safe storage of temperature critical products.


Temp Alert Features

– Access to Live and Historical Data

– Alarm Alerts, Alarm Restore and Power Failure via SMS and via App Notifications (If turned on

via app)

– Access to any number of devices via 1 login

– Monitor and change settings via App / SMS

– Real Time Temperature available by SMS or App

– Easy to program via your computer – all software is provided

– Connect up to 4 Refrigerators via one Temp Alert Device (please note Refrigerators must be in same

room and relatively close to one another)

– Battery Backup for up to 2 hours with built in Rechargeable battery.

Customer Requirements

– Sim Card – most carriers have small $10-$20 per month plan that has enough texts to cover the month

– Standard Power Point

– 12 months access to the smart phone app is included- all apps are free via the relative app

stores, however after 12 months access to the cloud app will have a small monthly fee.





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