Zone Medical prides itself as one of Australia’s top suppliers of high-quality medical equipment, providing user-friendly machines, devices and units for healthcare professionals all over the world. With an aim to become a single, trusted address for healthcare and medical supplies, Zone Medical also offers a broad range of medical furniture to hospitals and clinics, mobile healthcare services, general practitioner offices, re-validation departments, home care and nursing groups, and private clients. Medical furniture advertised in the Zone Medical catalogue has been specifically designed to simplify logistics, ergonomics and safety in medical and non-medical environments.

The examination couch or treatment table sees much use in a huge array of settings. These include the physiotherapy practice, aromatherapy and acupuncture clinic, sports dressing room, spa, school medical office and even the tattoo shop. Naturally, these settings also include that of every medical professional who examines or treats his or her patients out of the operating theatre. Even though these environments are very different from one another, their requirements as per examination couch quality are the same: able to support a diverse range of body types and patient ages, allow access to various areas of the human anatomy, are comfortable, easy to clean and waterproof, and are lightweight without compromising on durability and strength. Zone Medical insists upon these features as standard in its expansive range of examination tables, treatment tables, bariatric tables, beauty and spa therapy tables, massage tables, podiatry tables, rehabilitation tables and medical specialty tables for chiropractors, physiotherapists, cardiologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians and radiologists who perform ultrasound examinations.

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