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Curtain Track Kits

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Curtain Track Kits – Curtain Rails in various shapes to suit various environments. Kits include parts for correct installation.

  • Model 1362 "J" Shape
  • Model 1363 "L" Shape
  • Model 1364 Straight
  • Model 1370 "U" Shape
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Product Description

Curtain Track Kits

Curtain Track Kits provide a professional and conveniently easy solution to hang your curtains in a medical environment.

Curtain Track Kits Contain

1 x Track – Curtain Rail Shapes J, L, or Straight (see below)

2 x Wall Mounts

1 x One metre of drop-rod

2 x Drop-rod Joiners

30 x Hooks

The plan view below is an example of a surgery as seen from ABOVE

Kit Variations

Model 1362 “J” Shape Curtain Track:

Approx. 2500mmL x Approx. 1300mmW

Model 1363 “L” Shape Curtain Track: 

Approx. 2500mmL x Appox. 1300mmW

Model 1364 Straight Curtain Track: 

3800mm Long

Kit Features

Supply only kit. Universal size.

Ready to go shapes to suit almost every situation.

Easy to install.  Use your own contractor or DIY.

Track can be cut to size on site for perfect fit.

Includes wall mounts, drop rod and hooks.

Curtains to be ordered separately.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Models & Shapes

Model 1362 "J" Shape, Model 1363 "L" Shape, Model 1364 Straight, Model 1370 "U" Shape

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