Tilt Table Hi-Lo Navy Blue

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An electric tilt table which provides -2 degrees tilting and used in the diagnosis in dysautonomia, syncope and many other nervous system treatment such as weakness, pain, muscle spasms etc. It is also a useful tool for rehabilitation purposes for patient suffering a traumaric brain injury, hemiplegia and paraplegia. It has twin motors, 180kg SWL and 100mm retractable castors for an excellent quality table suitable for any clinic.


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Tilt Table Hi-Lo Navy Blue

2 electric motors, standard supports Hi-Lo & Tiling

Lift for height variation & tilting by double foot switches.

Adjustable tiling featuring single motor and double gas struts, angle adjustable from 0 to 85.

Accessories: adjustable belts (3 pcs), adjustable foot plate, active table adjustable.