The storage, transport, treatment and disposal of clinical and related wastes are heavily controlled in Australia and the associated regulations do not only apply to hospitals. Producers of this type of hazardous waste include acupuncture clinics, dental practitioners, emergency services, funeral parlours, home healthcare environments, needle exchange programs, pathology laboratories, schools, tattooists and veterinarians. A number of these might not produce enough hazardous waste to consider purchasing a complete biomedical waste management system; however, the medical waste systems from our Sterilwave selection are suited to smaller medical and veterinary facilities all the way up to large institutions where more than 800 litres of medical waste is produced on an hourly basis. Should positive environmental policies and strict adherence to national and international waste management guidelines play a role in the management of your facility’s medical waste, we advise you to read on.

Zone Medical has chosen to represent the French designed and French Ministry of Health approved Sterilwave biomedical waste management system from Bertin Medical. This ingenious but extremely simple to use system complies with France’s NF X30-503 standard, recognised as one of the strictest healthcare waste standards in the world.

The Sterilwave system results in a holistic approach to medical waste as per World Health Organisation guidelines. These guidelines seek to reduce infection and occupational exposure rates and significantly lower environmental impacts that occur as a result of medical waste management processes. This innovative system combines microbial inactivation and heat-driven decontamination. It does not run on water or steam and therefore sidesteps the costly and unnecessary production of hazardous liquid effluents. Sterilwave requires no segregation of waste and is registered and approved by health & environmental ministries all over Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America.

Using patented grinding and microwave technology, the Sterilwave inactivates spores of up to 8log10 and viruses of up to 6log10. The machine reduces hazardous waste volumes by up to 80% and total waste weight by approximately 25%. The end result is a dry, inert and stable product that can be safely removed as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF) at substantially lower costs to both the medical-waste producing facility and the environment. Furthermore, this deactivated waste can then be used as furnace fuel at industrial sites or waste-to-energy plants.

Zone Medical is proud to represent this unparalleled healthcare waste system. We aim to introduce it to a broad range of medical waste producing facilities across Australia. Have a closer look at the three models below to see which is most appropriate to your facility. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

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