Envomed 80 Medical Waste Treatment Solution

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In just 15 minutes, the Envomed 80 treats up to 80 ltrs of infectious and sharps medical waste. The output is a liquid phase that can be discharged into the drainage system, and a solid phase which is up to 80% less in volume and can be thrown away with the regular municipality waste.

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Providing an Affordable & Environmentally Friendly On-Site Medical Waste Treatment Solution

Envomed has created an innovative on-site Medical Waste treatment solution, which is developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd., a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery. Understanding the market’s need, we underwent an intensive R&D to produce a revolutionary solution for medical waste treatment from an economic, safety and environmental perspective.

Envomed is a unique machine that shreds and sterilizes medical waste simultaneously, using a scientifically developed and proven technology which has the ability to sterilize medical waste to STAATT level IV. It is an extremely powerful & environmentally friendly technology. The Envomed 80 can treat 80 ltrs of infectious and sharps medical waste in just 15 minutes. This solution is approved by the Israeli MOH and has a lower carbon footprint than alternative treatment solutions in the market today.

Safe, Effective & Environmentally Friendly

What is Medical Waste?

  • Approx 80% General Waste
  • Approx 20% Hazardous, Infectious & Toxic

Medical waste is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as all forms of waste generated by health care facilities. Out of all of the medical waste generated 15-20% of this waste is considered to be potentially infectious and hazardous, with over 260,000 HIV infections and 21 million HEPA B infections being contracted by insufficient management of this waste alone. Existing methods of medical waste treatment are leaving a heavy mark behind, both economically and environmentally.

Envomed 80 Waste
Medical Waste Treatment

Envomed 80 - An Innovative Technology Expanding
Safety for the Environment

A revolutionary in-house solution that shreds and sterilizes medical waste, eliminating the need for storage, transportation and incineration. The final product is a liquid phase that can be sent down the regular drainage system and a lower volume shredded waste, that can go to the regular municipality waste.

Envomed 80
Steps of use

  1. Input Hazardous Waste
  2. Shredding
  3. Mixing & Sterilization
  4. Seperation & Output
Medical Waste Treatment

Increasing Productivity & Saving you Money

In just under 15 minutes, the Envomed 80 sterilizes to STAATT level IV, reducing waste volume by up to 80%.

Medical Waste Treatment

Typical Treated Waste Volume per Machine(s)
according to Number of Beds

Waste Volume Treated
Up to 250KG per day

Estimated Number of beds

Waste Volume Treated
Up to 500KG per day

Estimated Number of beds

Waste Volume Treated
Up to 750KG per day

Estimated Number of beds

The Technology – Biocetic

After years of research, intensive study and development we have established the ultimate medical waste treatment solution. One which eliminates resistant bacterial spores and sterilizes to STAATT level IV. Our machine shreds the waste first, before sending it through a sterilization process while being rigorously agitated. The residue liquid is nontoxic and can be safely discharged via regular drainage systems.

We call it ‘Biocetic’.

How does it work?

Our Biocetic is a powerful oxidizer based on the synergistic operation of Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). The mixture is capable of attacking all cell components, in particular proteins and enzymes. It is highly efficient against the most challenging bacterial spores, and therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

The components of the Biocetic are biologically degradable and therefore by the end of the process the solution can be exposed to the environment without causing harm.

The benefits of Biocetic

  • No rinsing necessary
  • No poisonous residues – disintegrates into Acetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen & Water
  • Sterilization process complies with STAATT level IV

Why PAA?

Biocetic is a powerful biocide based on the active substances Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). Its active substances are widely used in various applications, due to high biocidal efficacy, and having no toxic residues.

No Harmful Residue
Biocetic is comprised of active substances that leave no persistent toxic residues in the environment. Following sterilization, PAA and HP will break into Acetic Acid, Oxygen and Water.

Effective Biocide
Biocetic is capable of attacking all microorganism groups, including most challenging bacterial spores. It attacks the outer and inner cell components, in particular proteins and enzymes. It is therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

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