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To Assemble your Northern Monitor on to the stand follow the instructions below:
1) Take the screw our from one side of the long pole in the stand package. Remove the circular plate and the screw

2)Insert the pole onto the stand and Place the plate on the back of the stand and screw in place.

3)Remove the Top holder on the other side of the pole by undoing the two big screws on the pole
4) Slide out the two sides of the mounting bracket by lifting the round screw as shown below
5) it should come apart like shown below
6)Mount the top holder removed from the pole onto the bottom plate of the mounting bracket with two screws as shown
7) place the top holder back onto the pole
8) Mount the monitor holder to the top plate with 4 screws
9) Put the two bracket plates back together
10) Lastely mount the northern monitor onto the mounting bracket

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