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To complete your registration for Winspiro Pro please follow these steps to obtain your PAN Number. This guide will walk you through the usage of PIN and PAN Numbers.

​Please note: the software will become inactive after 60 days without registration.

The PIN is made of two different parts one related with the computer and the other related with the software itself.

If you change your computer or format it differently, the PIN will require a new PAN code.

1 .Copy the PIN from the window in winspiroPRO

2. Follow the registration link on the software or go on in the ‘registration’ section.

To do things easier click on the following link

3. Insert the email and password in the ‘already registered area’

4. Insert the required data (Name, Contact Details, Device, etc.)

And paste the PIN you copied at point 1.

5. Go in your email account and get the email with the PAN number (If you don’t see it, your email provider may have filtered it as spam, so check the spam folder).

6. Insert the PAN number into the registration window in Winspiro Pro to complete your registration.

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