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When launching your WinspiroPRO software for the first time you will need to select a number of values for the software to run correctly. You can change these values at any time in the future by selecting the ‘Options’ selection in the ‘Configuration’ option on the top tool bar.
Please select ‘cm,kg’ in the first tab ‘General’ and then identify the correct turbine – there is a picture here to help with identification.

In the ‘Communication’ tab, depending on your device, select USB or the correct serial/COM port (this can be identified in your Device manager in System from your PC Control Panel).

PLEASE BE AWARE that some PCs have a BIOS sleep function on their USB ports, if the device is not identified straightaway, you may have to remove and replace your device into the USB port or use a different port. This can also occur during a Winspiro launch where the device has been dormant from sometime.

In the Predicted Source Tab select your preference, we recommend the use of E.R.S. ’93/Knudson.

You can now choose to enable or disable your Incentive. You should now be able to successfully begin using your device.

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