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Medical Lighting

Without a bright, reliable and directional light source, any medical professional is left in the dark. Zone Medical provides an assorted range of medical examination lights, loupes, headlights, operating theatre lighting, magnifier lights, ultraviolet lights for phototherapy and various mounting options.

Order LED or ULED high-lux dimmable examination lamps which combine balance and manoeuvrability to enable rapid single-hand positioning. You will also find various competitively priced magnifier lamps for medical professionals in the Zone Medical website.

Source the best dental loupes and surgical loupes – with or without headlights – in our catalogue which offers your choice of LED or halogen bulbs for low cost medical lighting in any working environment. For operating lights, otherwise known as surgical lights or operating lamps, Zone Medical offers a selection of six ergonomic models featuring various mounts that dissolve shadows and create a brightly-lit surgical field to the benefit of physician and patient. Operating lamp features within our catalogue include 1M light intensities of 160,000 lx, very low temperature emitting bulbs, adjustable operating field diameters, natural white light, excellent illumination depths, low power consumption and highly adjustable light intensity – all the features you would expect with high-end, top rated operating lights and at an affordable price. Surgical lighting as supplied by Zone Medical is guaranteed reliable, effective, cost-efficient and a justified and essential investment.

You will also find a UV therapy devices for dermatology departments and general practitioners for the treatment of psoriasis, acne, eczema and vitiligo.

Zone Medical insists all of its medical lighting sources provide excellent illumination and ergonomic qualities to suit the work of general practitioners, dermatologists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, wound-care specialists and cosmetic surgeons – in fact, the majority of medical professionals benefit from directional, high lux sources as supplied by Zone Medical.