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Examination Lights

For physicians, wound-care professionals and skin-care specialists, examination lights are essential pieces of medical equipment. Low cost when compared to other apparatus, no healthcare department can do its job without top quality specialty medical lighting that highlights a specific part of the anatomy that may or may not require treatment.

When buying a medical examination light it is important to consider whether this item will be used across various departments and specialisms. In this case, mobile medical lighting is the best option. Zone Medical offers examination lights with stands or without. Should your ideal choice of exam light remain in a general practitioner’s office, dermatology consultation room or an area specifically set aside in the emergency department for traumatic wound care, you might want to consider either an adjustable wall-mounted exam light or a desktop version. We also offer an ergonomic ceiling-mounted medical light.


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Another medical lighting specification you will need to consider is the finish. This type of medical lighting is brought close to the patient (or client in the case of beauty salons and spas), so when difficult to clean surfaces, grooves or exposed small parts gather dust, any movement or breeze can potentially contaminate open wounds or pores. All Zone Medical top examination lights feature antimicrobial smooth-coated casings that cover all fixtures and can withstand cleaning with heavy-duty disinfectants used in hospital settings.

Other points to keep in mind when looking to buy an examination light are beam adjustability, ergonomics, heat levels and heat dissipation. We are sure our range of excellent examination lighting will allow you to offer a better service to your patients or your clients.

Zone Medical specialises in Minston Q Series, Famed & Luxo examination lights which cover every aspect of close-inspection diagnostics and treatments. Our exam lights boast frictionless movement, high-output LED bulbs protected by tempered glass, high-lux dimmable illumination, heat-dissipation technology, refractor lenses, excellent adjustability, and wall, ceiling, table or stand mounts. The best examination lighting for dermatologists, emergency medicine professionals, beauticians and medical researchers can be found in the Zone Medical catalogue.

However, users of our high-quality medical-grade examination lamps are certainly not limited to the medical world. Our customers include mechanics that need a clear view of an engine or undercarriage, plumbers, crafts enthusiasts and fine-art restorers. For any work that needs directional, bright lighting, Zone Medical adjustable examination lights offer an ergonomic option for countless customers across the globe.

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