Luxo LHH G2 LED Tuneable Exam Light

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Tuneable white illumination has obvious benefits for examination lighting. The new LHH G2-TW heralds a new era for Luxo, offering a high output LED module that can be adjusted to one of three colour temperatures. Its highly flexible self-balancing arm in conjunction with excellent light output gives the LHH G2 TW diagnostic luminaires vast popularity among medical professionals.



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Luxo LHH G2 LED Tuneable Exam Light

  • Tuneable white next-generation LED examination light
  • SteriTouch® antimicrobial finish
  • Wall, ceiling, table or trolley mounting

The frictionless 3d movement and ease of use make the LHH G2 TW the most flexible examination luminaire on the market, and the best in its class.


SteriTouch® antimicrobial white powder-coated aluminium and steel construction. 3D positioning with 3-axis movement and perfect balance. Protective covers on arms to prevent crush-points. Smooth membrane switch for ease of use and cleaning. Fully dimmable.


High output LEDs with refractor lenses for increased light output. LEDs are protected by tempered glass.


25,000lx @ 1000mm.
65,000lx @ 500mm.
Light Field Ø160mm (d50) / Ø350mm (d10)


Integral electronic gear.

Light source

3500K / 4000K / 4500K CCT LED, Ra95 (R9:98 – 4000K).

Light source
CRI is 95 (CRI on R9: 98)

Standard version:
Approx. 35.000lux at 1m and 120.000lux at 0,5m . 4000K. D10 is 300mm on 1m, 160mm on 50cm.

CCT version:
Approx. 25.000lux at 1m and 65.000lux at 0,5. 3500/4000/4500K. D10 is 300mm on 1m, 160mm on 50cm.

Body material & colour
Steel arm with plastic covers. Aluminium shade. Colour: White with black details.

LHH can be mounted on ceiling, wall, table or trolley. Various table clamps, integrated table mount, wall mount, ceiling mount and trolley are available as accessories on request.

Power supply
Delivered with cable and plug.

Arm technology & movement
Parallel, three-pivot arm for Wall (W), Table (T) or Ceiling (C). Special version for Trolley is marked "TR".
Arm lengths is 105 cm.

On/Off and dim.
Nightlight: Starts at minimum light level.
CCT: Step 3500/4000/4500K
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Mounting Options

Wall or Ceiling, Table or Trolley