Minston Examination Light Q10 03 Series

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Designed for examination, consulting and treatment rooms this light has x 10 long life LEDs with digital touch control for light intensity and colour rendering. The Infra Red free technology reduces heat for patient and doctor comfort.

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Minston Q10 Single & Dual Arm Ceiling Mount Examination Light


IR free technology from LED light sources reduces the sensation of heat for the patient and doctor.

LED service life 40 times longer than Halogen bulb.

Provides “daylight” illumination for truer tissue colour rendition and easier diagnosis and treatment.

Colour temperature can be adjusted for optimal contrast sensitivity.

Light and strong lamp head -Plastic material, integrated 10 LED bulbs, 360 degree turn over. Full digital light touching control for illumination and colour temperature.

Full aluminium arm – brushing & electric oxidation surface.

Spring balance friction joint – perfect position.

Detachable mobile system – white spray coating metal vertical pipe and mobile base.


Model Number: KS-Q10-03C
Light Intensity: 78,000lx @ D=50cm, 40,000;x @ D=100cm
Diameter of lamphead: 26x23cm
Length of arm: 1085mm
Colour Temperature: 4000-5000K
Brightness Adjustment: Control by touch sensitive
Light field diameter: 20cm at D=100cm
Light Source: 10 LEDs
LED Average Life: 50000 hours
Power Consumption: 12W
Examination Light Q10 Brochure

User Manuals
Medical Lights Q Series User Manual

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Dimensions 130 × 35 × 50 cm

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