Planet ULED LED Examination Light Wall Mount 3m to 4m

$1,849.00 Excl. GST

ULED brings examination lighting into the future. Built to last, the cost-effective ULED offers an impressive feature set with its powerful beam and sleek and manoeuvrable easy to clean design. Boasting 40000 Lux, 50000 LED life hours and a 5 year warranty this light will make a welcome addition to any clinic.

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Exam Light – Planet ULED

Built to last, the cost-effective Exam Light Planed ULED offers a range of unique features including a freely moving arm facilitating the positioning of a powerful 4000K cool beam with good colour rendering performance and a push button to detach the light head from the arm to facilitate upgrade, exchange or maintenance without a technician.

The latest upgrade to the ULED head delivers enhanced infection control through the sleek, low profile design. Cleaning procedures are complimented by the fully sealed touch sensitive membrane switch and the removable handle which provides easy sterilization.

The average LED life (L70) is 50,000H+ which represents 15-20 years in normal use.


Examination light features: 

Available in 22,000 lux (ULED) or 31,000 lux (ULED PLUS)

Quick release head

IP64 light head shaped for easy cleaning/sterilisation

Total power use 12W

Low operational cost

No maintenance required

All metal construction for durability

Mounting brackets for every application (ceiling, wall, extended wall and trolley mount)

Large task area action zone ( ?2100mm x 1850mm height adjustment)

Minimum intrusion into the workspace

Multi axis head rotation

Light weight – only 5kg

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Complies with AS/NZ 3200.241/IEC60601-241 ( Medical electrical equipment – Particular requirements for safety – Surgical luminaires and luminaires for diagnosis) prompt supply of spare parts, technical service and support

5 year warranty


The ULED is suitable for

Close examination

Over bed

Intensive care

Recovery rooms


Aged care

Illumination-1mULED 22,000 Lux; ULED Plus 31,000 lux
Nata accredited test reportLab no: 1923
Atga certificate-no177775#
Power transformer240V
Frequency50 Hz
Current0.229 mA
MetalwareBright White Powder Coat
Beam dia d10270mm
StandardAS/NZS 3200.2.41 (IEC 60601-2-41)
Beam dia d50130mm
Classification of productMedical Device Class 1
Ceiling mount weight6 kg
Wall mount weight5.5 kg
Extended wall mount weight7 kg
Colour rendering index-ra90+
Trolley mount weight33 kg
Lamping7 x 1.6W LED
Average led life l7050,000H
Irradiance illuminance2.0 mW m2 lux -1
Total irradiance53 W/m2
Examination Lights Planet ULED Mounting Specifications
Examination Lights Planet ULED Mounting Instructions
Ceiling Light Instalation Height Guide
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 68 × 50 × 23 cm
Mounting Option

Ceiling Mount 3-4m, Ceiling Mount 2.7m, Wall Mount 3-4m

Zone Medical