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Loupes & Headlights

The best medical loupes and full surgical headlight set ups combine high magnification with low-heat, high-lux lighting. While headlight and loupe choices overwhelm the medical marketplace, Zone Medical has put its trust in two of the top loupe manufacturers – Minston Medical Instruments & Alltion.

Minston, established in 1982, designs and produces specialist imaging devices and surgical lighting for top hospitals and clinics. Appreciated for their extremely low weights and comfortable fit, Minston headlamps for ENT surgeons, dentists and microsurgery specialists feature carefully tucked-away wiring and a detachable power supply when battery power is preferred. This makes the Minston surgical headlight ideal for foreign aid workers, too.

Slightly newer to the medical equipment market but similarly a designer and manufacturer of reliable loupe and surgical headlight technology is Alltion. Specialists in surgical magnification solutions, Alltion’s state-of-the-art surgical loupes and binocular loupe headlight combo’s provide shadow-free, extremely bright illumination in combination with high magnification options for ENT surgery, dental procedures and any procedure that requires close-up views without distortion.

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Surgical loupe prices are low, especially when compared to the cost of medical microscopes. They are lightweight and extremely portable, making the binocular loupe the best choice for mobile medical services either at home or abroad. Browse the Zone Medical surgical loupe and headlight category and find out how we can guarantee the best field of view and magnification at an affordable price.

Just like our examination lighting, Zone Medical loupes and headlights are not limited to medical settings. Optical magnification in combination with a shadow-free light source has led to our products being sold to electronics specialists, jewellers, antique restorers and even doll’s house furniture makers. For any occupation or hobby where small parts are involved, magnification loupes, with headlights or without, prevent unnecessary eye strain and help provide a finished product of the highest standard. Medical loupe or non-medical loupe – simply browse the Zone Medical catalogue and find out which magnification lighting option best suits your specific needs.

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