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Alltion HL8000A LED Headlight with SL300 3X Loupe Ex Demo

$1,295.00 Excl. GST

These Galilean style loupes boast an impressive 4.6′ viewing area and feature verticle, interpupillary and downward angle adjustments for maximum versatility. The multi-coated and high grade glass lenses make for a clean and sharp image.

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Product Description

Alltion HL8000A LED Headlight with SL300 3X Loupe

The Alltion HL8000A LED Headlight brings you the most advanced lighting technology and provides cool, bright, white light for procedures and examinations. The LED Headlight is more than twice as bright as other standard LED and Conventional Headlights.

When you need well defined illumination, the LED headlight provides superior quality and reliability without the heat of traditional halogen Headlights.

Headlight Features

Light Source: Our LED lamp without the heat of the traditional Halogen headlight. With a colour temperature of 6000 Kelvin, this light supplies bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.

Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight by the use of the rechargeable Lithium battery, without the use of the direct power source. It is one of the most comfortable lightweight headlights and is suitable for all kinds of surgery.

The headlight could be used when it is charging

Low Battery indicator light

Adapts to SL series Binocular Loupes of Alltion, smart design, convenient for mobile diagnosis.


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