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Operating Lights

The best surgical lighting manufacturers know that operating light standards need to be met in order to meet all associated health and safety requirements. But these requirements do not only apply to illumination, heat levels and safety. For example, at JCI-accredited hospitals lights must be damp dusted with a lint-free cloth at the start and end of every day. That means surgical lighting should always comply with working standards, hygiene standards and ergonomic standards, as well as be reliable, low-maintenance and affordable. Operating lighting has come a long way since the first electrical devices graced early surgical departments; old challenges concerning high temperatures, shadow fall and microbial contamination have been solved for ever with the Zone Medical range of Famed operating lights.

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Famed Lodz has been designing and manufacturing military hospital operating theatre lighting since the late 1930s. Take their Solis 160 series - a set of perfectly balanced surgical lights providing 160,000 lx at a distance of 1 metre. This level of dimmable LED lighting far exceeds that of high cost operating lights supplied by global surgical lighting leaders. In addition, heat dissipation technology ensures a temperature increase of less than 1°C at the level of the surgeon’s head. And to top it all, every surface of a Famed operating light can be wiped clean without the need for specialist cleaning equipment; the smooth and gently curved design does not have any difficult to clean surfaces such as grooves or exposed fittings.

Zone Medical and Famed competitively priced surgical lights produce shadow-free, true-colour illumination via grouped sets of long-lasting, bright-white LED lamps. You will also find ceiling, wall or stand-mounted surgical lighthead options that use significantly less power than halogen equivalents. Never change an operating light bulb again thanks to the extremely long life of our LED surgical lights – enjoy 50,000 to 70,000 hours of excellent illumination with every Famed model!

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