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Famed Helios 160 Operating Light

$11,999.00$12,499.00 Excl. GST

The Famed Helios 160 Operating Light uses as a light source white LED diodes. Dedicated for operating rooms, also adopted in examination rooms, vets & dentists.

Product Description
Helios 160 Operating Light

Famed Helios 160 LED Operating Light

The operating light Helios 160 uses as a source of light white LED diodes. The modern & monolithic construction of the coupla makes it easy to keep the lamp clean, ensures ergonomic use & perfect cooperation with the laminar air flow.

The lamp is dedicated for operating rooms, but may be also well adopted in examination rooms, dentists & veterinary clinics.

The Helios 160 consists of three independent light panels, containing 54 LED diodes, making it possible to reach the intensity of the light to 160,000 lux.

Positioning of the lamp is easy thanks to the sterile handle placed in the middle of the copula and two non-sterile handles located on its circuit.

The sterile handle is also used for regulation of the light field diameter, whereas light intensity is regulated by the control panel situated on the copula arm.

There are three versions of HELIOS 160 lamps: ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and mobile (also with battery backup).

Helios 160 Operating Light

Helios 160 Surgical Light Features

  • The control panel is easy to use with the turn on/off button & adjustment of the light intensity.
  • The sterile handle enables focusing of the light spot of the operating field & ergonomically placed in the center for easy access & positioning of the dome.
  • Three separated light sources (In case one fails, the other 2 still provide adequate illumination)
  • The dome doesn’t have any external screws or fastners.
  • The smooth surface & perfectly matched components, guarantee keeping it perfectly clean.
LightheadHelios 160
Supply Voltage24V DC
Light Intensity at a distance of 1M160 000 lux
Adjustable Light Intensity25 / 100%
Colour rendering index Ra96
Colour Temperature4400K
Operating Field Diameter d10210mm
Light Spot Diameter d50110mm
Adjustable diameter of the operating fieldyes
Temperature increase near surgeon's head<1°C
Depth of illumination L1+L270CM
Power Consumption for the lighthead50W
Insulation ClassI
Protection degree provided by lighthead enclosureIP 43

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