Famed IGNIS 160 LED Operating Lamp

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The Famed Ignis 160 Surgical is the flagship of the Famed Lighting fleet offering endless features and a myriad of configurations to meet any requirement. With handles surrounding 75% of the dome head and 2 separate control panels makes access and positioning very easy. Optional HD Camera and Green light for endoscope procedures are available along with 2/3 arm additional features for a second light and HD monitor.



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Ignis 160 Surgical Light

Famed Ignis 160 LED Surgery Lamp

IGNIS 160 – lightweight surgery lamp, compact design with a circular shape. The casing is made of powder coated aluminum with the safety glass on the bottom part. The construction guarantees easiness of use and cleaning.

By applying a small amount of external elements the dome is well protected against water and dust. Two handles – the sterile handle allows focusing of the light spot. The non-sterile handle surrounds the dome in more than 75% of its circumference, which provides independent access and makes the positioning very easy.

The unique solution are two control panels located on the dome opposite each other, which provides a good access independently of the position of the operator. Additionally , these panels allow to control not only the parameters of the light but also the parameters of the image (option with the HD camera).

Famed Ignis 160 LED Operating Lamp Ceiling Mount Dimensions

IGNIS 160 is equipped with an independent option of green light for the endoscope procedures, located on the upper part of the dome. As a result of the research and consultation with the doctors we used a green colour light, which ensures the best representation of the red colour, so important during endoscope procedures.

The camera and surrounding diodes – the lamp can be equipped with HD camera which can be operated using two control panels placed on the dome. The central light panel guarantees excellent penetration of light, whenever it is required. Additionally, it provides a homogeneous spot of light in the operation field, irrespective of the distance of the dome.

Lighthead: IGNIS 160
Supply voltage: 24V DC
Light intensity at a distance of 1 m (Ec): 160 000 lx
Adjustable light intensity: 25÷100%
Colour rendering index Ra: 96
Colour temperature: 4000 - 4800 K
Operating field diameter d10: 280 mm
Light spot diameter d50: 140 mm
Adjustable diameter of the operating field: yes
Temperature increase near surgeon’s head: < 1°C
Depth of illumination L1+L2: 130 cm
Power consumption for the lighthead: 50 W
Insulation class: I
Protection degree provided by lighthead enclosure: IP 54
Working time on battery backup IGNIS 160FA: up to 7h
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