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Famed Solis 160/160C LED Operating Lamp Ceiling Mount

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The Solis 160/160C LED Surgical light characteristics make this an unique lamp. The light intensity over 60,000 lux at a distance on 1M.

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Product Description
Solis 160 Surgical Light

Famed Solis 160/160C LED Ceiling Mount Operating Lamp

Construction and properties of operating and surgical lamp as well as surgery sets of SOLIS 160 series ensure meeting of all requirements with respect to the illumination of operating/surgery field, binding for the equipment of this kind.

A new construction of light heads consists in the application of a “slim” version of the projector enclosure, characterized by a high protection degree.

  • The control panel - easy to use, with the turn on/off button & adjustment of the light intensity.
  • The sterile handle - enables focusing of the light spot of the operating field, ergonomic, placed in the center for easy access & positioning of the dome.
  • Domes - three seperated light sources, in the case of failure of one of them, the other two sources provide adequate illumination.
Solis 160160 Operating Lamp

Features of the SOLIS 160/160 Ceiling Mount:

  • Very high light intensity.
  • Smooth regulation of light beams focusing, resulting in a possibility to adjust a distance of the optimal illumination, or to select a size of the light spot.
  • Elliptic regulation of the light spot – possible advanced steering of the light spot with respect not only to its diameter,but also its shape.
  • Active system of shadow reduction, absence of thermal radiation in the light emitted by this lamp.
  • Perfect fidelity of colour rendering of illuminated objects.
  • Removable, sterilizable handle for lighthead position regulation, integrated with light beams focusing adjustment.
  • Mobility and an excellent movement range of the lighthead in relation to the operating field.
  • Life time of the source of light – 40, 000 working hours.
  • Smooth adjustment of light intensity.
  • 12 Month Warranty
Lighthead: SOLIS 160
Supply voltage: 24V DC
Light intensity at a distance of 1 m (Ec): 160 000 lx
Adjustable light intensity: 25 ÷ 100%
Colour rendering index Ra: 96
Colour temperature: 4400 K
Operating field diameter d10: 220 mm
Light spot diameter d50: 110 mm
Adjustable diameter of the operating field: yes
Temperature increase near surgeon’s head: < 1°C
Depth of illumination L1+L2: 50 cm
Power consumption for the lighthead: 50 W
Insulation class: I
Protection degree provided by lighthead enclosure: IP 43
Working time on battery backup SOLIS 160FA: up to 7h

SOLIS 160C - ceiling mounted lamp with one suspension arm (draft below):
1st arm - dome of 160 Klux


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