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Famed Solis 60 Surgical Light

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Product Description

Surgery Light Famed Solis 60 

The circular reflector of surgery light, designed to light up the work area thoroughly and suppress all the shadows, is equipped with handy, sterilisable handle to facilitate positioning. The lighting body, ultra-flat in order to not disturb the operator, is equipped with ultra-resistant polycarbonate screen which guarantees protection against possible accidental collisions.

SOLIS 60 can be easily positioned thanks to its rotation on 4 axis: the structure has a side full-circle handling without any stops. The arm moves vertically thanks to a springcompensated balancing system. The reflector can be rotated on the vertical and horizontal axis.

SOLIS 60 characteristics make it a unique lamp. The light intensity (over 60,000 lux at a distance of 1 m) and the technical performance suit a lamp for precision operations, in intensive care, recovery room and first aid station; its handy and non-bulky structure makes it suitable for diagnostic use, pre-operating theatres and test laboratories as well. With innovative “no touch” control light intensity can be adjusted to your personal needs.


Surgical light features:

Heat Free LED Technology & multiple mounting options.

Circular reflectoroffers full shadow suppression and 3D Lighting.

Ultra resistant polycarbonate screen guarantees protection.

Smooth spring compensated balancing system & 4 axis rotation for optimal handling.

Sterilisable handle with colour indication intensity display 50 – 100%.

Touch free 3 step light intensity adjustment | 60,000 Lux at 1m.

Ergonomic handle & Gooseneck arm for superior maneuverability.

Vivid & accurate colour rendering of illuminated objects.

Never change a bulb again, over 50,000 hrs of LED bulb life.

Absence of thermal radiation in the light emitted by the lamp.


12 Month Warranty


Solis 60 - Room Height

Arm length (mm)25545565585510551255
Room height (m)2,55 - 2,752,76 - 2,952,96 – 3,153,16 – 3,353,36 – 3,553,56 – 3,80

Lighthead: Solis 60
Supply voltage: 24V DC
Light intensity at a distance of 1 m (Ec): 60 000 lx ±5%
Adjustable light intensity: touchless,3-steps:60%, 80%, 100%
Colour rendering index Ra: 96
Colour temperature: 4100 K ±5% LED OSRAM
Operating field diameter d10: 200 mm (+5%)
Light spot diameter d50: 100 mm (+5%)
Adjustable diameter of the operating field: no
Adjustable colour temperature: no
Temperature increase near surgeon’s head: <1°C
Copula working range (vertically in cm):
Depth of illumination L1+L2 (60% Ec): 130 cm
Depth of illumination L1+L2 (20% Ec)
Light intensity for the unit with one mask in relation to Ec
Light intensity for the unit with one mask and lens barrel in relation to Ec
Light intensity for the unit with two masks in relation to Ec: 68,0%
Light intensity for the unit with two masks and lens barrel in relation to Ec: 72,5%
Total irradiance for a wavelength range from 380 to 2500nm, in relation to Ec and the distance of 1m from the lighthead: 180 W/m²
Ultraviolet irradiance, at a distance of 1m from the lighthead, in relation to Ec: 2,5 mW/m²
Power consumption for the lighthead: 19W
Power consumption of device: 55VA
Insulation class: I
Protection degree provided by lighthead enclosure: IP 43
Number of projectors: 1
Number of sources of light: 18
Light source: LED

Surgical Light Famed Solis 60 Ceiling Mount
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Additional Information

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Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount, Mobile Stand

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