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Specialty Lights

Zone Medical supplies best quality high-magnification lamps and UV therapy products for global healthcare facilities who insist upon durability, reliability and affordability without compromising on features. Bench magnifiers like the original Maggy lamp are used in a huge range of medical and non-medical settings, combining a powerful light source with strong magnification. Usually associated with dermatologists, bench magnifiers are found all over hospitals, clinics and beauty salons where an unhindered, crystal-clear view of the skin surface is essential.

Our selection of maggy lamp include 3.5 to 5 dioptre lenses and dimmable LED bulbs that finally burn out after approximately 25 years of use! Smooth surfaces mean hygiene standards are always met; frictionless arms provide ergonomic lighting solutions for any intricate work. In addition, we offer a choice of mounts or stands. Portable magnifying lamps can be transported from department to department or room to room with ease.


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It would be wrong to advertise low-vision lighted magnifiers as medical equipment alone. This is certainly not the case, as our electronic circuitry, jeweller and fine-art restorer customers will be sure to point out. Any type of work that requires a perfectly clear and magnified view of small parts will appreciate our affordable bench magnifiers and mobile magnifying lamps.

Our specialty medical lighting also includes a UV light in torch form. This portable UV light tube can work with batteries or via a power source. In medical settings, dermatologists use ultraviolet light to treat certain skin conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, pruritus, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and graft-versus-host disease. Waveform lighting such as the Liberty ultraviolet torch is, just like our magnifying lamp selection, also used in countless non-medical settings. These include the identification of counterfeit banknotes, gemstone quality evaluation, pest control and pet training (UV light makes urine stains visible), hotel room cleaning checks, residue detection and even scorpion tracking. If you are looking for a high-quality but cheap UV handheld light, the Liberty is the perfect choice.

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