Liebherr LKUv 1610 Vaccine Refrigerator 142L Solid Under Counter

$1,899.00 Excl. GST

This efficient vaccine refrigeration system comes with a comfort electronic controller and is suitable for underneath worktops. It features a solid door, forced air cooling, temperature stability and alarm consistency. This quality care pharmacy compliant refrigerator will suit all of your needs.


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Liebherr LKUv 1610 Vaccine Fridge 142L Solid Under Counter

Vaccine fridge (vaccine refrigerator or pharmacy fridge) with Comfort electronic controller


Under-worktop model

Several Liebherr models can be integrated underneath worktops, in which case a ventilation grille (200 cm² minimum) is required at the rear of the worktop to ensure sufficient aeration and ventilation of the appliance. In the absence of a ventilation grille in the worktop, the niche-height must be 860 mm, at the very least, to facilitate sufficient heat dissipation forwards. Under-worktop models offer a compact solution that is especially valuable in smaller work spaces.

Alarm test function

This test function can be used to check whether an internally or externally connected alarm system is functioning correctly. The appliance’s refrigeration performance is not affected by this test.

Efficient vaccine refrigerator system

Liebherr guarantees the outstanding quality of its refrigeration systems through expertise derived from decades of experience in the refrigeration technology sector, and through continuous research and development. By employing only premium-quality compressors, condensers, evaporators and other refrigeration components the energy consumption and operating costs of Liebherr appliances are significantly reduced.

Digital temperature display

The digital temperature display indicates the refrigerator’s interior temperature to the exact degree. This can be easily read from the outside to give users immediate information and without the need to open the appliance.

Explosion protection: ATEX 95

The Atex 95 certification certifies that Liebherr laboratory refrigerators and freezers with explosion protection as defined by EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) are suitable for storing explosive and highly flammable materials.

Forced air cooling

Highly efficient fans cool freshly stored produce quickly and maintain an even refrigeration temperature throughout the interior.

Serial bus interface

A serial bus interface can be used to connect appliances to an external monitoring system. If there is no monitoring system that can be connected via the interface available, an interface converter retrofitting kit (which connects with a PC or laptop) can be obtained as an optional accessory. The bus interface can be used to serially connect and network up to 20 appliances. Temperature and alarm details can be documented and archived using Liebherr’s Temperature Monitoring software.

Temperature Alarm

The integrated temperature alarm indicates if the lower or upper alarm thresholds have been breached. It uses both acoustic and visual signals to provide maximum security for goods that have been stored.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants

Refrigerants R600a and R290 are environmentally friendly – they have a minimal greenhouse effect and no ozone depletion potential – and therefore, they have almost completely replaced those previously used (R134a and R404a). All Liebherr impulse sales chest freezers use R600a or R290 as refrigerants and offer outstanding energy efficiency, which improves their CO2 footprint and promotes sustainability.

Temperature stability and consistency EN 60068-3

All laboratory refrigerators and freezers are tested at the state-of-the-art Liebherr development facilities according to procedure EN 60068-3 for measuring temperature stability. This involves measuring the temperature at nine different points in the appliance interiors.

Reversible door hinges (left/right)

Liebherr vaccine refrigerator (pharmacy fridge) are factory-fitted with door hinges on the right. The ability to change the hinge side allows the appliance to be tailored to individual requirements and optimally positioned.


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Energy consumption in 24h0.863 kWh / 24h
Net capacity, total130 l
Refrigerator compartment130 l
Gross capacity, total141 l
Refrigerator compartment141 l
RefrigerantR 600a
Cooling system, refrigerator compartmentdynamic
Defrosting, refrigerator compartmentautomatic
Voltage220-240 V ~
Frequency50 Hz
Connection rating1.0 A
Product dimensions (H/W/D)82.0 / 59.7 / 61.5 cm
Insulation40 - 40 mm
Weight (with packaging)41.0 kg
Weight (without packaging)38.0 kg
ControlElectronic control system
Control unitTouch-Electronic
Temperature range refrigerator compartment+3°C to +16°C
Temperature displayexternal digital
Malfunction: Warning signaloptical and acoustical
potential-free contact
Power failure alarmwhen mains power returns
Maximum fluctuation4.8 °C
Gradient3.9 °C
Side wall materialsteel
Door/Cover materialsteel
Self-closing door
Door hingesright interchangeable
Material of interior containersPlastic white
Type of castors
Storage shelves, refrigerator compartment4
of which height-adjustable3
Storage shelf material, refrigerator compartmentglass
Load capacity storage shelf, refrigerator compartment40 kg
Interior light, refrigerator compartmentLED lighting, with separate switch
Door designHardLine
HandleErgonomic slimline handle
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Liebherr Biomedical 5 Year Warranty Statement Zone Medical

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