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Operating microscopes supplied by Zone Medical allow dentists, ENT professionals and medical training facilities to provide ultimate patient care and student training using certified high-zoom microscopes for ear toilets and various surgery types.

Our top of the range Alltion table-top training microscope has won Best of Best, concept and product design awards and features Schott Optical Glass, 3D precise image reproduction and an apochromatic lens together with an ergonomic design. High definition video comes as an option and is a useful addition for the seminars and webinars of professionals responsible for training the next generation of ENT doctors, dentists and general practitioners. With an optional assistant scope, the Alltion AM4622 provides excellent peri-operative training opportunities and delivers HD imagery at multiple magnification settings.

For medical professionals providing an aural toilet service, the operating microscope is an essential piece of equipment. Zone Medical offers a complete ear toilet kit comprising of your choice of ENT microscope, suction unit with accessories, Gruber ear speculum and Earclear wax remover. A very cost-effective operating microscope package for general practitioners and ENT physicians. Zone Medical currently supplies 6 different ENT microscopes; you are therefore guaranteed an aural toilet package that fits both your practice and your budget.


Dentists appreciate the versatility and ergonomics of Alltion dental microscopes as well as the broad spectrum of standard and optional features that span the budgets of small to larger practices. Our most basic option – the Alltion 8000 – features specifications which well exceed those of basic models manufactured by other brands.

Ear, nose and throat departments and dental practices integrate Alltion operating microscope models with great success and great satisfaction.
Among the range of Zone Medical operating microscope accessories you will find Safe Ear curettes from Bionix, suction tubes in a variety of sizes, disposable and Gruber ear speculums, beam splitters, HD cameras and a wireless foot pedal. Purchase everything you require for your ENT department, endodontic practice or GP office medical microscope at Zone Medical.

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