Dental Microscope Alltion 6000 Series

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A combination of classic aesthetics & modern technology, this top of the range microscope has continuous magnification and Cree LED illumination. The German spring arm & high quality optics from Schott provide excellent parfocal, large field of view & precise and clear three dimensional images. Several different working distances, magnification types and mounts are available depending on the application. This model comes with an optional built-in ALLCAM2 allowing transmission of images and measurements through HDMI and WIFI communication to transmit images & videos captured by the ALLCAM2. Many optional accessories for the AM series are available such as beam splitter, camera adaptor, CCD’s, teaching scopes & wireless foot pedals. This device is suitable for many different disciplines such as ENT, Dental, General Surgery & Opthalmology.

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Dental Surgical Microscope Alltion 6000 Series

Dental Surgical Microscope has 4 unique features:


23mm eyepiece for large field of view

Easy to resemble & Observe comfortably

Pain point of users: Eyepiece of microscopes in other brands only with 18mm or 21 mm field of view, which feels uncomfortable and it is hard to look into one circle due to the smaller view of field.


Built-in beam splitter

Pain point of users: Generally speaking, ordering a beam splitter will be an extra cost for matching assistant scope or digital SLR camera.


Built-in Full Function Camera (Optional – not on all models)

Not only photography & recording, but also measurement, contrasting and more function for you to use.


1:8 zoom ratio system

Total magnification range: 3.4X-27. ?X

Pain point of users: View will be cut off when zooming in or out with step magnification system, bad for observing; Range of 1 :6 zoom ratio system will be relatively smaller than 1 :8 zoom ratio system.


The balance is easily adjustable with a turn of a knob.

The power cable and HDMI cable are integrated in the stand column and their socket is mounted on the stand base.

Ergonomic design based on the shape of the hands. The handgrips are 360 ° rotatable and could be pulled out and rotate to any direction making this very convenient to use. The hand grips could be pulled out to be sterilized, (no need to be covered by sleeves).

There is a friction adjustment knob and a 950mm Suspension arm, which is great for long reach & convenient & flexible providing more options for the layout in the clinic.


Dental Surgical Microscope Reliable Microscope

The cover of carrier arm is covered in environmentally friendly PC materials and provides better strength than ABS, to ensure it is sturdy and durable.

The Internal parts are mostly made of 6061 aluminum alloy material, with the tough lines of the product, giving an excellent sense of texture and technology.

The Anti-collision pin is a special design to avoid collision between carrier (first arm) and suspension arm when they are folded or they are closed.

It is compact with the suspension arm can be folded on the top of carrier (first) arm to save space and move easily.

It has an excellent illuminating design, a built-in LED lamp and great heat dissipation design to ensure the maximum life time of LED lamp (The life time of LED lamp is 60,000 hours or more)

It allows excellent dimming linearity which can keep illumination at very low brightness.

Alltion 6000 Series Specifications

Dental Surgical Microscope Alltion AM-6000 Series Specifications
Alltion 6000 Series Brochure

Additional Information

ALL-CAM2 (Full HD Wi-Fi Photo+Video Camera)

No Camera, With Camera

Type of Mount

Mobile Floor Stand, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount, Fixed Floor Stand

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