Ear Toilet Microsuction Packs

Ear Toilet Microsuction Packs

Zone Medical has been the national leader in offering an ear toilet package to GP’s and ENT specialists throughout Australia. Medicare are promoting treating patients with the micro suction technique (61467) rather than syringing, particularly with ear wax removal. A microscope must be used during the procedure to be viable for the rebate. This technique produces better results for the patient and is a safer, quicker, cleaner and more effective procedure when compared to syringing the ear. Zone Medical has distributed over 1,000 Ear toilets to GP’s, ENT Specialists and Audiologists for over 5 years. The positive feedback of performance and reliability has made this Pack a best seller throughout Australia.

The Ear Toilet package can be purchased as a Pro (AC-2000 Microscope) or Basic (YSX Entry Level Microscope) package depending on the specialists requirements. The Packs comprise of an Alltion Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Microscope and a Tongye Suction Unit (MC600A) with all the accessories and consumables required for the procedure includes Ear Grubbers,.


Ear Toilet Package Includes Alltion YSX101 Microscope

$6,499.00 Excl. GST   $7,148.90 Incl. GST

Ear Toilet Package Professional Includes Alltion AM2000 Microscope

$11,999.00 Excl. GST   $13,198.90 Incl. GST

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