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ENT Microscope Alltion 4000 Series

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A combination of classic aesthetics & modern technology, this high quality top level microscope has 5 step magnification and Cree LED illumination. The German spring arm & optics from Schott provide excellent parfocal, large field of view & precise and clear three dimensional images. Several different working distances, magnification types and mounts are available depending on the application. Many optional accessories for the AM series are available such as beam splitter, camera adaptor, CCD’s & teaching scopes etc. This device is suitable for many different disciplines such as ENT, Dental, General Surgery & Opthalmology.



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ENT Operating Microscope Alltion 4000 Series

ENT Operating Microscope ALLTION AM-4000 Series Surgical Microscope is based on the AM-3000 platform. There have been hundreds of units sold worldwide. The new 2011 version AM-4000 has been launched with many upgraded features.

The brand-new microscope body with fashionable, dynamic and elegant curves was designed by Mr.Zhang Xun who won following awards:

2007 RED DOT concept design award: Best of Best

2008 RED DOT concept design award

2009 IF product design award gold


Alltion Am-4000 SeriesAlltion Am-4000 Series Parts

Alltion Am-4000 Series Microscope Parts


Superb optical features

German Opical Glass Inside Of Microscope

The lenses inside the microscope are made by Schott ® Optical Glass imported from Germany. All lenses are multi-coated and anti-reflective, combining with infinity corrected optical system & brilliant aprochromatic optics, which offers superb optical performance, including:

1. High resolution

2 . Real 3-Dimensional Precise Image Reproduction

3. Large Depth of field

4. Wide Field of View

5. Good Contrast

Apochromatic Lens

Apochromatic optics design could correct the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light effectively. It ensures the reduction and saturation of image color and improves the resolution, contrast and viea depth of image.


6-Step Magnification

6-Step magnification provides larger magnifying range and more selection on magnification to meet the requirement of your practice, from lowest magnification for an overview of whole arch to high magnification for precise and close inspection and treatment.

6-Step Magnification Of Alltion Am-4000 Microscope


LED Coaxial illumination

Led Coaxial Illumination

Integrated orange and green filter

Orange Filer: UV-protection to prevent premature curing of composite

Green Filer: better recognition of blood vessels, e.g. in the root canals.

Integrated Orange And Green Filter In Dental Microscope


Ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability for long time precision operation comfortably

All ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability assure you can work with our microscope for long time precision operation comfortably. It would avoid or reduce your problems on the back and beck.

Adjustable Eyecup In Eyepiece

Inclinable Binocular

With hanging Counter-balanced pantographic arms design and tension control adjustable connection arms, the optical head can be easily maneuvered at any position and stopped where you wanted in its working range. All maneuvers can be done by one hand with a little force.

Binocular Of Dental Microscope

Brightness Adjuctment Knob

A special switch is fitted into the arm. The lamp will keep ” on” when the optical head moves in the normal working ranged and the lamp will turn off automatically while the optical head moves out of the normal working range.

Special Switch In The Arm Of Microscope


Patented rubber handle cover

Adjustable Eyecup In Eyepiece Patenter Rubber Handle Covers


Improved 120° connecting arm

Improved Connecting Arm

Improved 120° connecting arm is provided as standard outfits. It could avoid the risk of dangerous damages to the patient under treatment when the surgical microscopes with accessories fully attached swing down sharply because the locking stoppers loose accidentally. Microscope body can be stopped at +/- 60° position even if you lossed the locking knob fully. It avoids the risk that microscope knocks down to the face of patient.

A brand-new balance arm is offered as option to replace improved 120° connecting arm as final solution.


ENT Operating Microscope Modular Design

Modular design not only allows you to interexchange binoculars ( straight, 45° fixed, 0-180° inclinable) easily, but also allows you to upgrade your microscope easily with the desired accessories from our plenty of optional accessories at any time if you start off with standard model.


Ergonomic & function extension accessories

Alltion offers a lot of ergonomic and function extension optional accessories for you to upgrade your microscope at any time.

1. 350mm Extension Arm can offer extra long reach for your microscope

350Mm Extension Arm Can Offer Extra Long Reach For Your Microscope

2. Your microscope can be upgraded with assistant scope

Microscope Upgrade

Microscope Upgrades

3. Dual Diaphragm

It can increase the depth of field, especially at highest magnification observation.

Dual Diaphragm

4. Laser Barrier Filter Device

It protects the surgeon`s eyes against damage while Nd-YAG laser at 1064nm or Er-YAG laser at 2940nm or CO2 laser is used during treatment.


5. Pendulum Function by Angle Rotation Device is available.

The angle rotation device can perform pendulum function. It allows operator to remain his natural and straight posture while he is observing the patient with a certain angle. He can change the direction of the optical pod only, while keeping the binocular at its position.Pendulum Function By Angle Rotation Device


6. 45° Binocular Extender & 30° Binocular Extender with built-in Beam Splitter

With this function, the operator’s posture is more natural and straight. You are able to maneuver the microscope to a position that allows you to keep good, healthy posture and still observe the patient. This improved posture can eliminate the back and neck pain.

45° Binocular Extender 30° Binocular Extender

7. Eyepieces 8. Objective Lenses

Eyepieces And Objective Lenses



ENT Operating Microscope Documentation accessories

All Alltion microscopes can be equipped with newly standard photos and video cameras as optional accessories. Please contact Alltion for latest technology whenever you like.

Documentation Accessories For Alltion Microscope Part ADocumentation Accessories For Alltion Microscope Part BDocumentation Accessories For Alltion Microscope Part CDocumentation Accessories For Alltion Microscope Part D Documentation Accessories For Alltion Microscope Part E

Straight binocular head
12.5x/18mm High Eye-point Wide-Field eyepieces
Range of Pupillary distance: 50mm to 70mm
Range of the Diopter of Eyepiece: +/- 7D
250mm APO-chromatic objective lens with fine focusing adjustment knob
6 Magnification: 6-step, Total magnification indicator 0.33=2.8x, 0.5=4.2x, 0.8=6.9x, 1.22=10.40x, 2=17X, 3=25.6x
Diameter of object field: 8.7mm to 78.3mm
Arms: First big arm, 500mm length can be rotated 360°. Second small arm 600mm in length with movement +/-300mm can be rotated +/-150°. Third angled arm can be 3-D movement.
Height: 1750mm
Base size: 610mm X 600mm
One 20W LED Illuminator
Maximum Object Illumination: 50,000 Lux Min.
Built-in Orange filter and Green filter changed by a knob.
Power supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

ENT Microscope Magnification Alltion AM-4000
Alltion AM-4000 Series Brochure

User Manuals
Alltion AM-4000 Series User Manual

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
CCD Camera

No Camera, With CCD Camera

Type of Mount

Mobile Floor Stand, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount

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