ENT Microscope Alltion YSX101

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A sturdy entry level microscope with 3 step magnification and Cree LED illumination. The German spring arm & optics from Schott provide excellent parfocal, large field of view & precise and clear three dimensional images. Several different working distances, magnification types and mounts are available depending on the application. Many optional accessories for the YSX120 & YSX130 models are available such as beam splitter, camera adaptor, CCD’s & teaching scopes etc. This device is suitable for many different disciplines such as ENT, General Surgery & Opthalmology.

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Operating Microscope ENT Alltion YSX LED

ALLTION operating microscope ENT is proud to offer YSX series of operation microscopes. Precise structure, modern appearance and LED illumination system. Offering excellent parfocal, large field view, precise and clear three dimensional images. The YSX series of operation microscopes have optional working distances and magnification and are suitable for numerous departments including ophthaimology, stomatology, gynaecology, ENT and surgery.


• 1500mm Super long pantograph arm offers a wide operation space
• Four difierent working distances: 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm
• Smooth turret 3-step magnification pod
• Field diameter: 7.88mm-81mm
• Magnification: 2.4X-12X
• Green and blue filter selection
• 10W LED illumination
• 20, 000 hours LED lifespan
• 50, 000 Lux object illumination
• Power supply voltage: 90V/60HZ-250V/50HZ

Operating Microscope Ent Ysx Dimensions


Binocular observation: Straight
Magnification of observation: 6x
Value on handwheel for magnification charger: 3 step magnificationchange: 06x, 1x, 1.6x
Focal length of objective: 4 objectives: F=00,250,300,400mm
Total Magnification: 2.4x-12x
Beamsplitter: No
Demonstrator: No
TV adapter: No
Photo Adapter: No
Fine Focusing Range: 10mm
Filter: Built-in green and yellow filters
Balancing arm: 2 part arm
Illumination system: 10W LED
Stand: 2 part column fitted on the five-star base
Linear field: 15.8-81mm

Additional Information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 67 × 50 × 35 cm

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