Alltion ALL-CAM2 Full HD Video/Photo Camera for Microscopes

$4,995.00 Excl. GST

Suitable for the following microscopes & colposcopes: Alltion, Zeiss, Seiler, Zumax, Optomic, Labomed, Seliga, DFV, Global, Kaps, Leica, Moller.

ALL-CAM 2 is camera module system combining beam splitter and full
functions full HD video camera. It can replace traditional camera system
including beam splitter + camera adapter + camera perfectly.

ALL-CAM 2 is only a little larger than beam splitter in volume and half weight or less comparing to traditional camera system. It can upgrade your surgical microscope with perfect solution for image output and documentation. You can share information for teaching or consultation purposes, document cases, keep records, present at meetings and a wide variety of different uses.

Full HD Live Video, Photography, Video Recording, Comparison, Measurement and other functions await your exploration.

Live Video to Monitor: 1920x1080P/60
Video Stored in Memory card: 1080P/30
Still Photo Stored in Memory Card: 1.2m & 2m

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Alltion ALL-CAM2

Alltion ALL-CAM2 – Full Function Camera. Full HD Live Video, Photography, Video Recording, Comparison, Measurement and other functions await your exploration.

Upgrade your surgical microscope and/or colposcope, with the: Light weight, Smart, Wi-Fi Transfer and Mini Workstation capability.

You not only need high-definition displays of surgical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and operating procedures under microscopes/colposcopes on large screens (and in real time), but also need to record still images and video. You may also need to transmit videos to computers and smart phones to share information. It allows you to present patients with all the details in full HD format and to explain procedures for better patient communication. Assistants, students and other practitioners can watch the procedures at the same time, enabling teaching or consultation. Your excellent professional skills also can be presented at meetings or conferences.

High-definition photo and videos are essential to medical records, patient records, document cases and academic reports & papers.


ALL-CAM2 integrates the functions of beam splitter, camera adapter and camera. Therefore, it has small volume (155mm x 110mm x 60mm) and is light weight (0.7KGs; less than half the weight and volume of traditional beam splitter + camera adapter + camera).

ALL-CAM2 is designed specifically for surgical microscopes and colposcopes and it has the same as a traditional camera, with the added benefit of more advanced features:

It applies SONY industrial grade light sensitive chips, with high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise point and excellent colour restoration.

It is specifically designed for the white balance and automatic exposure, optimization algorithm of strong light exposure for surgical microscopes and colposcopes, producing significantly better images than traditional camera systems.

It has the functions of real time video output, photography, video recording and image freezing. A doctor can use the function of image freezing to present the state of an illness for patients at any time so as to make it convenient for doctor-patient communication.

With a built-in 32G SD memory card, it can continuously record for about 10 hours. It can also connect to an external memory through USB interface.

ALL-CAM2 is an intelligent mini workstation that integrates almost all functions that you may use during your work: Parameters, including colour and definition of camera can be set by the user.

Pictures before and after treatment can be compared.

Images can be turned upside down and turned to the left or right.

It can precisely measure the size of a lesion and store data.

Cross curve can be displayed on screen.

Partially enlarge image.

More functions are available for use.

Suitable for the following microscopes & colposcopes.

Alltion, Zeiss, Seiler, Zumax, Optomic, Labomed, Seliga, DFV, Global, Kaps, Leica, Moller.

SONY high sensitivity, low noise sensor, 1/2” chip.
LINUX3.0 operation system which can be operated by mouse.
1920X 1080P 60fps full HD video output by HDMI;
Built-in 32G storage space and USB flash disk can be used for enlarging the storage space.
Photo in JPG format and video in MP4 format;
With WIFI feature, photos and videos can be seen by network
remoteness. It can be connected to the computer too by WIFI.
Taking photo and recording video can be done by wireless control.
Transferring 1080i full HD live video to monitor or TV set is
available by Optional Wireless Transfer Kit.

Camera for Microscope All-Cam 2 Specifications
All-Cam 2 Camera for Microscope Brochure
All-Cam 2 Camera for Microscope Presentation

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