Suction Tubes Disposable Sample Pack

$149.00 Excl. GST

A single use disposable tube for the suction of fluid and other media from the ear. Available in 6 sizes identified by colour.

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For the suction of fluid and other media from the ear

  • A large range of sizes available
  • Colour coded hubs for easy identification of tube size
  • Comes already bent for easy access
  • Malleable shaft for additional bending
  • Cost-efficient and contamination risk free alternative to reusable versions


  • 20 x 16G White Suction Tubes 1.6mm Diameter
  • 20 x 18G Pink Suction Tubes 1.2mm Diameter
  • 20 x 20G Yellow Suction Tubes 0.9mm Diameter
  • 20 x 22G Black Suction Tubes 0.7mm Diameter
  • 20 x 24G Purple Suction Tubes 0.5mm Diameter

Pack Sizes:
Non Sterile 100 Pack

Zone Medical