tDCS HDCstim Kit

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HDCstim is the unique Direct Current stimulator that guarantees patient’s safety and treatment repeatability. Consists of the HDCstim (stimulator device), HDCprog (programmer), HDCel (electrodes kit) and accessories.

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tDCS HDCstim Kit

What is tDCS?
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) involves applying weak electrical currents to the head, to generate an electric field which modulates the activity of neurons. tDCS is known to selectively modulate neuronal excitability & can be used in conjunction with fMRI, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) or centrally acting drugs. 

tDCS HDCkit Complete System

HDCkit is a cost effective modular system for Direct Current (DC) stimulation, designed specifically for both research & clinical use. It consists of a stimulator (HDCstim), a programmer (HDCprog) & a set of electrodes (HDcel) which also has the option of a headcap. 


  • Easy to use
  • Controlled (suitable for home treatments)
  • For research & clinical use
  • Modular & programmable
  • Safe
  • Non-Invasive
  • Painless
  • Since 2009
    “first tDCS portable & programmable system”
Tdcs Hdcstim &Amp; Prog

tDCS HDCkit Components


HDCstim is the unique direct current stimulator that guarantees patient’s safety & treatment repeatability. HDCstim allows treatment programming by authorised medical personnel only through HDCprog or WebBioBank. 

The HDCstim is a battery supplied, programmable stimulator that is used to administer direct current (DC) stimulation. Designed for home use by a patient or subject, the HDCstim is only pre-programmable with a HDCprog and will not deviate from the treatment or protocol chosen by the researcher or clinician. 

Hdcstim Tdcs


HDCprog is the healthcare professionals device for programming stimulation cycles & for monitoring results. It can be connected to any HDCstim once provided the required personal access code. The stimulation settings are stored in the HDCstim linked to the authorised prescriber. 

The HDCprog is an easy to use touchscreen LCD programmer that, when connected to HDCstim allows a clinician or researcher to set tDCS treatments or protocols for their patients or subjects. By using the HDCprog, it is possible to define an entire treatment or application by setting the number of stimulations (maximum 99), the intensity (up to 1.5mA per channel), the duration (maximum 20 min) and the minimum interval betwenn two consecutive simulations (max 1168 hours). 

Tdcs Hdcprog


HDCel is a set of standard tDCS electrodes enabling both intra & extra cephalic stimulation for the administration of DC stimulation from the HDCstim. HDCel consists of a set of electrodes made from plant cellulose & conductive silicone, and are manufactured to ensure biocompatibility with the skin. Electrodes are safely connected to HDCstim through cables provided, the connections of which are designed to minimise the risk of incorrect set up by the patient or subject.

Tdcs Hdcel Electrodes

Benefits of using a modular tDCS kit

The stimulator (HDCstim) and the programmer (HDCprog) are two separate units, minimising the risk of any misuse of the stimulator by the patient or subject, ensuring that applications of treatments are administered correctly everytime.

The researcher or clinician using the HDCkit remains in complete control of how stimulations are administered. 

The researcher or clinician requires only one HDCprog to programme any number of stimulators (HDCstim).

Researchers or clinicians can order additional HDCstims as & when required for studies or treatments

The HDCstim unit is portable, battery operated & designed for home use by a subject or patient.

The basic HDCkit package contains everything required to administer tDCS.

The HDCkit is fully programmable & can run any number of applications or treatments within it’s parameters.

"tDCS is now a major research tool in it's own right & as a complimentary tool to conventional TMS"

OPTIONAL tDCS HDCkit Components

tDCS Mindcap

MindCap is designed for safe and repeatable  tDCS treatment at home as an alternative to standard HDCel. MindCap can be configured with the correct and personalized electrode placement avoiding any patient’s mistake during self administration.

Innovative “three lines of force structure” for optimal electrode contact Intra-cephalic or extra-cephalic reference Full control of electrode positioning for safe home use according to the International 10–20 System.


  • MindCap_6p 6 electrical connection for the classical tDCS montage.
  • MindCap_R 19 electrical connection for different montage in tDCS research.

Any model includes one pre-wired Cap, Armband and Electrode set.

Tdcs Mindcap

Armband & Electrodes

Armband reference electrode allows extra-cephalic stimulation protocols. A large return electrode (70 cm²) ensures low current density on the stimulation return site.

Specifically designed elliptic electrodes to avoid local increase of current density and corner effect. No conductive GEL required due to an internal biocompatible sponge that remains wet for the entire treatment.

Available size: 25cm² and 35cm².

Tdcs Hdcstim Armband &Amp; Electrodes

Programming through WebBioBank

Tdcs Hdcstim Webbiobank

HDCstim can be also remotely programmed via through the ISOcable.
Available on request only for large patient groups.

Technical Specifications

Intended use: HDCstim® is part of the HDCkit system for the delivery of direct current stimulation-controlled treatments. HDCstim® is a battery supplied, programmable system for direct current (DC) stimulation.
Power Source: Internal supply battery: 2 batteries AA/LR6 1.5V. Commercially available battery. Typical operation time: 24 hours, typical service life: 5 years; using different batteries manufacturer might result different values for typical operation time and service life. Secondary Battery: Renata batteries CR2032. Nominal capacity: 190mAh current intensity in standard conditions: 0.3 mA maximum intensity: 3mA.
Stimulator size: 11.5cm x 7cm x 2cm
Maximum Output Voltage: 28 VDC per channel
Maximum Output Current: 2.0 mA per channel (2000 uA)
Minimum Output Current: 0.2 mA per channel (200 uA)
Current Generator Accuracy:< 0.1mA
Stimulation type: Monochannel stimulation (1 anode and 1 cathode) Bichannel anodal stimulation (2 anodes, 1 cathode)

Intended Use: HDCprog is a touch-screen LCD that, once connected to HDCstim® allows the health professional to define the settings for stimulation. HDCprog is powered by an AC/DC adapter (HDCpower) certified for medical use.
Power Source: External power supply certified for medical use
Size: 14cm x 9cm x 2.5cm
Maximum Input Voltage: 5V
Maximum Input Current: 500mA (DC)

Intended Use: Set of electrodes, sponges, cables and gel for providing stimulation. It is used in conjunction with HDCstim.
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalate Free: Yes
Disposable or Reusable: Not reusable - single patient use
Packaging: Single packaging
Black Connection cables characteristics: Female connection touch proof DIN 1,5 and banana connection 2 mm.
Red connection cable characteristics: Female connection touch proof DIN 1,5 and banana connection 2 mm.
HDCstim Brochure

User Manuals
HDCstim User Manual
HDCprog User Manual
HDCCel User Manual

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