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Kingon P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator ExDemo

$3,999.00 $2,499.00 Excl. GST

The Kingon P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the smallest & lightest 1 Litre oxygen concentrator in the world! Designed for 24/7 use, it is quiet, energy efficient & very easy to use when at home or travelling.

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Product Description

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Kingon P2

  • Ex Demo – Approx 90 hours of use
  • The Smallest and lightest 1L oxygen concentrator
  • Elegant appearance design, stable quality control
  • Easy to meet different O2 demand by 5 setting flows
  • High O2 concentration: 90%-3%/+6 at all settings
  • 2.8 inch large color display screen
  • Pulse dose, more sensitive to breathe, 1000ml/min
  • Designed for 24/7 use
  • From 1-5 setting flows, can meet different oxygen demand
  • Low power consumption , 90w/h
  • Heat balance system ensures longer life span
  • Easy operation, one switch control.
  • 3 Years Warranty on Oxygen Concentrator, 1 Year Warranty on Battery and Oxygen Sieve
  • The Kingon P2 POC is a Qantas approved medical device
Portable Oxygen Concentrator


You can pick it up with one hand

1.98 kg

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Small Size

Small size easy to carry

22.1 cm x 8,5 cm x 16 cm

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Travel

Pulse Oxygen Supply

Kingon P2 is equivalent to 5 liter


Powerful Compressor

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Noise
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Long Life

High Efficiency Molecular Sieve

Better Adsorption


6800mA Battery

Continuous and stable battery life

Kit Contents Downloads Specifications
Operating Voltage100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Weight1.98kg including Battery
Noise decibel≤ 60dB
Oxygen Concentration87%-96%
Oxygen FlowPulse oxygen supply 0.2-1L
Five Flow Settings; 1,2,3,4,5
Display Screen2.8 inch
UseDesigned for 24 / 7 Use
Warranty3 Years Warranty
Excludes Battery & Sieve Bed
Rechargable BatteryDuration: Up to 4 Hours
Voltage: 14.4VDC
Rated Capacity - 6.8Ah
Approximately 4 Hours recharge time with AC power
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight1.98 kg
Dimensions22.1 × 8.5 × 16 cm

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