Philips Portable Oxygen Concentrator SimplyGo


Philips SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the first oxygen concentrator that provides the benefit of both pulse dose and continuous flow in a design below 5kg.

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Philips Portable Oxygen Concentrator – SimplyGo
The freedom your patients deserve

A short shopping spree, a museum visit, a pleasant weekend, or a well deserved holiday with SimplyGo, your oxygen-therapy patients may enjoy it all. Lightweight & durable, delivered with a handy carrying case & a cart with easy to go wheels, SimplyGo is always ready for a stroll. It’s accessory case keeps everything on hand, for all occasions. 

Philips Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features

  • A new breed of Philips Portable Oxygen Concentrator for continuous and pulsed oxygen delivery!
    SimplyGo is the only POC to offer both continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single device weighing only 10 pounds.
  • Long-life compressor for long-lasting care
  • Large oxygen output for all patient needs
    SimplyGo has more than twice the oxygen output of any POC weighing 10 pounds or less. That means SimplyGo is able to keep up with your patients’ portable oxygen needs today and tomorrow.

  • High impact resistant design sets new standards of ruggedness
    With a long-life compressor, high-quality parts, a high impact resistant design, and oversized cart wheels, SimplyGo was built to set new standards of ruggedness. During development, SimplyGo was rigorously tested and subjected to extreme conditions including impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.

  • Intuitive control panel is easy to read
    SimplyGo’s streamlined control panel is convenient and easy to use. All device operations are immediately at your fingertips.

  • Carrying case for convenience on the go
    SimplyGo’s attractive multi-purpose carrying case allows users to wear it over the shoulder or secure it to the mobile cart. An extra battery, cannula, or other accessories fit in the zippered pouch.

Philips Portable Oxygen Concentrator Simplygo Features
Oxygen Concentration87-96% at all settings
Flow Settings
Pulse Mode Bolus Size1=12ml
Continuous Flow Mode0.5 LPM - 1 LPM - 1.5LPM - 2 LPM
Night ModeVariable pulse volumes based on breath rate, to maintain a constant minute volume per setting: 1=250ml/min | 2=500ml/min | 3=750ml/min | 4=1000ml/min | 5=1250ml/min | 6=1500ml/min
Sound Level43dB (nominal) at pulse setting 2
AlarmsLow Oxygen Purity (<83%) | No breath | High breath rate | No flow | Low Battery | Depleted Battery | System technical fault
Dimensions29.2 cm x 25.4 cm x 15.2 cm
Weight4.5KG with battery installed
Power Consumption150W while charging | 120W while not charging
Operating Conditions
Operational Temperature5 - 40 Degree Celsius
Relative Humidity15 - 95%
AltitudeUp to 3048m | 10,000ft
Battery Autonomy
Pulse Mode Setting 23hr min
Continuous Flow 2 LPM54 min

*Based on 20 breaths per minute
Philips SimplyGo Brochure

Quick Start Guide
Philips SimplyGo Quick Start Guide

User Manual
Philips SimplyGo User Manual

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