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Patient Monitoring

Zone Medical is dedicated to enhancing patient care by providing reliable and innovative medical equipment for use in all medical settings. We supply a broad portfolio of innovative patient monitoring and information systems that support decision-making and improve patient care. Zone Medical’s extensive selection of high-end vital sign monitor – available either as handheld or portable models – bring accuracy, multiple parameters, varied options and longer-term data storage to the forefront.

Zone Medical concentrates on the supply of specialised vital sign monitor devices for emergency care, intensive care and operating theatre settings where capnography, invasive blood pressure measurements and temperature data plays a central role in quality patient care. All of our multi-parameter portable monitors run on long-life battery in the absence of an electrical supply. This makes Zone Medical patient monitors the ideal choice for mobile medical services looking for competitive vital sign monitor prices where quality is never compromised. Select printable or downloadable data options, pre-determined patient profiles for adult, paediatric or neonate subjects, and customisable displays.  Opt for specific monitoring modules such as BIS and TOF-watch to increase the scope of your accurate and reliable multi-level medical monitoring device. We are confident you will find the best patient monitor for your department within the Zone Medical catalogue. Zone Medical places emphasis on top medical equipment certified for use by healthcare organisations and private customers across the globe.


Patient monitoring is, of course, not limited to human patients. This is why Zone Medical also lists a vital signs monitor that perfectly suits veterinary surgeons requiring multi-profile monitoring solutions for different animal species and sizes. Contact Zone Medical for further information concerning our veterinary vital signs monitoring solutions.

The addition of a lightweight, rechargeable handheld solution means that our patient monitoring market has been widened to encompass non-medical customers interested in the evolution and evaluation of their own vital signs. This portable patient monitor similarly suits the working methods of smaller-scale mobile medical services such as home nursing groups, mobile clinics and foreign aid organisations. Handheld devices also offer useful data for amateur and professional sports enthusiasts and other private consumers who wish to keep tabs on their personal levels of health. The accuracy of our Northern Meditec model produces useful data at levels expected by highly-specialised medical departments yet at a price that suits the private customer.

In addition to patient monitoring units, Zone Medical also supplies various accessories. These include wheeled stands, end tidal carbon dioxide modules, 3- to 5-lead electrocardiogram cables, non-invasive blood pressure cuffs for neonates and children, and in small to extra large adult sizes, fingertip saturation sensors, temperature modules and printer paper. Customers will also find patient monitoring hardware and software within the vital signs monitoring accessories category.

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