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Ohmeda SPO2 Sensor

$99.00 Excl. GST

  • Adult Finger Clip (Length 3m)
  • Adult Silicone Soft (Length 3m)
  • Ear Clip (Length 3m)
  • Infant Silicone Soft (Length 3m)
  • Neonate Wrap (Length 3m)
  • Pediatric Finger Clip (Length 3m)
  • Pediatric Silicone Soft (Length 3m)
  • Veterinary (Length 3m)
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Product Description

Compatible Model Numbers:

Datex-Ohmeda: 3740, 310, 41500 OxiCap, 5250RGM, Biox 3760

Ohmed 31500, 37150, 3775, Rascal II

GE Medical Systems: 15000 Series

Corometrics 511, TRAM A.R, Tram Modular Xoosl Series, as 200SL, 400SL, 600SL, 800A, 800SL

Mennen:  Horizon  XL800 (Ohmeda SPO2)


Additional Information

Additional Information

Sensor Type

Adult Finger Clip (Length 3m), Adult Silicone Soft (Length 3m), Ear Clip (Length 3m), Infant Silicone Soft (Length 3m), Multi-Link (Length 3m), Neonate Wrap (Length 3m), Pediatric Finger Clip (Length 3m), Pediatric Silicone Soft (Length 3m), Veterinary (Length 3m)

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