Aquarius Vital Signs Patient Monitor with Touch Screen

$1,599.00 Excl. GST

The Northern Aquarius Vital Sign Monitor is an entry-level Patient Monitor at an extremely affordable price. Intuitive navigation and monitoring of the patient’s vital signs including SpO2, NIBP and Heart Rate with Li-ion battery (10 hours).  This monitor is suitable for outpatient departments, spot checks, transport, ward and other basic monitoring. Optional add-ons 3 Lead ECG and EtCO2 available.

  • Northern Mobile Stand for Patient Monitors Five Stand Trolley

    $450.00 Excl. GST

    The Northern Mobile Stand is suitable for all Northern Meditec Patient Monitors. The smooth lockable castors ensures safe and easy maneuverability for patients and staff alike. Includes a handy basket to place leads, cuffs, sensors and any accessories associated with the monitor.


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Aquarius Vital Signs Patient Monitor with Touch Screen

Vital Signs Monitor Features:
• 8” colour TFT LCD Screen – Touch Screen
• Portable, ergonomic, light weight, sturdy design
• Suitable for adult, pediatric & neonatal patients
• Flexible parameters configuration for different clinical environments
• Spot-check and continuous monitoring mode with alarms
• Graphical & tabular trend review with customisable size & colour settings
• Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (up to 10 hours)
• 48 hours holographic wave review for each patient
• Wired or Wireless CMS (Central Monitoring System) capability (optional add on)

Optional Configuration
• Thermal printer (Built-In)
• Trolley
• Wall Mount
• Wired or Wireless CMS (Central Monitoring System)

*Stand not included

2 Year Warranty

Looking for a Monitor with ECG as a standard option? Check our Vitals Monitor Aquarius Plus.

Kit_Content_Patient Monitor_AQUARIUS
Vital Signs Patient Monitor with Touch Screen - Aquarius Specifications
DisplayResolution8" colour tFT LCD Screen, 800x600
Display sensitivity2.5mm;mv (x0.25), Smm;mv (x0.5), 10mm;mv (x1.0),
20mm;mv {x2.0)
Wave sweep speed: 6.25mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
BandwidthDiagnostic mode0.05Hz-100Hz
Monitor mode0.5Hz-40Hz
Surgery mode1Hz-20Hz
Strong filter mode5Hz-20Hz
CMRR>100dBNotch50/60Hz notch filter can be set to on or off
Differential input impedance> SMO
Electrode polarisation voltage range±400mV
Baseline recovery time<3s after defibrillation {in monitor and
surgery mode)
Calibration signal1mV (peak - peak), accuracy ±3%
RESPMeasurement methodThoracic electrical bio1 pedance
Measuring leadLead I, II
Wave gainx0.25, xO.S, x 1, x2
Respiratory impedance range0.5 ·50
Baseline impedance500-40000
Gain10 grades
Scan speed6.25mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25mm/s
TEMPMeasurement methodThermistor
Measuring range5- 5O’C (41-122’F)
Measurement accuracy±0.1’C
Printing (optional)PrinterBuilt-in,Thermal dot array
Horizontal resolution 16 dots/mm (25 mm/s paper speed)
Vertical resolution8 dots/mm
Paper speed25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
Number of waveform channels3
NIBPMeasurement methodAutomatic oscillometric method
Operating modeManual, automatic, continuous
Measurement unitmmHg/kPa selectable
Typical measurement time20-40s
Measurement typeSystolic, Diastolic,Mean
Measurement range mmHg
Range of Systolic pressureAdult 40-270
Pediatric 40-230
Neonatal 40-135
Range of Diastolic pressureAdult 10-210
Pediatric 10-150
Neonatal 10-100
Range of Mean pressureAdult 20-230
Pediatric 20-165
Neonatal 20-110
Measurement accuracyMaximum average error±5mmHg
Maximum standard deviation 8mmHg
Resolution1 mmHg
lnterval1 ,2,3,4,5, 10, 15,30,60,90, 120, 180,240,480minutes
Overpressure protectionSoftware and hardware, double safety protection
Cuff pressure range0-280mmHg
Northern SpO2Measurement range0-100%
Accuracy±2% { 70-100% , Adult/Pediatric,non-motion,low prelusion);
±3% { 70-100%, Neonate,non-motion);
±3% ( 70-100% , motion);
Refreshing Rate1
Infrared Ear thermometer (optional)Displayed range34- 42.2’C (93.2-108 F’)
Operation ambient temperature range10-40’C (50-104’F)
Accuracy for displayed temperature range:~35’C{ 95.9’F) -s42.2’C{ 107.6’F) range ±0.2’C{ 0.4’F)
< 35’C ( 95.9’F ) - ~34’C { 93.2’F) range ±0.3’C{ O.S’F)
Masimo IRMA Sidestream CO2 (optional)Warm-up timeFull accuracy within 10 seconds
Sampling flow rate50ml/min(+/-10/min)
Accuracy±(0.2%+2% of the reading)
Measurement Range0-15%
Rise time200ms,typical at 50ml/min flow rate
Total response timewithin 3 seconds(with 2m Momoline sampling line)
AWRR Range0-150bpm
AWRR Accuracy±1 breath
Masimo IRMA Mainstream CO2 (optional)Measurement Range0-15%
Warm-up timeFull accuracy within 10 seconds
Accuracy±(0.2%+2% of the reading)
AWRR Range0-150bpm
AWRR Accuracy±1 breath
Operating Environment
PowerAC-=250, 50/60Hz
Patient RangeAdult, Pediatric, Neonate
Vital Signs Patient Monitor Aquarius Brochure and Specifications
Northern Patient Monitor Product Catalogue Brochure

User Manuals
Vital Signs Patient Monitor Aquarius Standard Operating Procedures
Vital Signs Patient Monitor Aquarius/Aquarius Plus Quick Start Guide

Additional Information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 36 cm

Zone Medical