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Polypro H2 Polysomnography Portable Sleep Diagnostic System

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The Polypro H2 Polysomnography series, with its light-weight, simple operation and powerful automatic analysis features, will give you a brand new and amazing user experience.



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Polypro Portable Sleep Diagnostic System / Polysomnograph
H2 / H2 Plus / H2 Elite/ H2 Pro

After nearly 20 years of continuous sleep and respiration research, BMC developed a full range of digital sleep monitoring products, Polypro H2 series portable sleep diagnostic system/ Polysomnography. Its light-weight, simple operation and powerful automatic analysis features will give you a brand new and amazing use experience. It meets the latest criteria of AASM guidelines, can be used for sleep monitoring, conventional and scientific research of polysomnography (PSG), evaluation of cardio-cerebrovascular risk index, therapeutic schemes determination and other multi-level applications, to meet different clinical monitoring demands.

  • Handy size, miniaturized and portable
  • Optional modular design
  • Meet the criteria of AASM guidelines
  • Display monitoring waveforms in real-time
  • Professional sleep analysis software
  • Real-time PAP pressure titration
Bmc Polypro Basic Polysomnography Sleep Device

Polysomnography Features

Connection status auto-check via intelligent App
Through Bluetooth, Polypro connects with iPad intelligent App to achieve wireless signal transmission in real-time, more humanized way of human-device interaction achieves remote monitoring of the patient’s sleep status, to avoid being limited by computers, monitors and other bedside equipment.

Diversified and flexible choices
Diversified options of different models, can be used for the traditional bedside monitoring in sleep monitoring room, and also for mobile monitoring. The number of channels is same and could meet different demands of clinical monitoring.

Cloud-based online data display and analysis
Patient data can be transferred and showed through the cloud-based data management platform. Doctors can analyze the patient data on lime synchronously by using the platform to achieve more timely and more efficient patient management.

Provide more comprehensive PAP pressure titration schemes for doctors.
Sleep monitoring PC software embedding PAP titration function interface inside, can easily change the parameters like treatment mode, pressure and breathing trigger etc., truly make it highly integrated with the sleep monitoring software, and to read the PAP device monitored parameters accurately in rea time, so as to make the clinical sleep titration more efficient.

H2 Polysomnography Highlights

  • Flexible mobile/ bedside PSG
  • Various models to choose, 11 to 80 channels integrated with base unit
  • Adjustable sampling rates up to 2000 Hz
  • App displays 36 waveforms and parameters in real-time
  • Bluetooth wireless data transmission
  • Graphical and interactive connection state reminding
  • Digital impedance monitoring function
  • Synchronized audio and video monitoring
  • Main device memory card stores data synchronously with PC in bedside
    sleep monitoring, to protect integrity of patient data in real-time.
  • Integration of any PAP type for pressure titration
  • 28 channels EEG/ ECG module for additional option to handle with higher clinical scientific research and monitoring requirements.

Optimized Hardware Platform

Innovative no screen design
Through no screen design concept, relying on intelligent App, more humanized way of human-device interaction is achieved for impedance confirmation, waveforms display etc., which practically improve the clinical operation experience.

High sampling & storage rate
High-fidelity data extraction and storage technology provides more real data for sleep monitoring.

Intelligent App, displays wirelessly in real-time
App detects digital impedance in real time accurately & reliably

Powerful PC Software Function

BMC Polypro S1 data analysis software, with intuitive English interface and user-defined preferences, could meet different clinical demands. It has powerful compatible ability, so as could be applied to all previous sleep monitoring systems. It also allows viewing patient data quickly and extracting the relevant data to facilitate further clinical and targeted analysis. Powerful data analysis function supports analyzing patient data automatically, giving a comprehensive diagnostic report and evaluating cardio-cerebrovascular disease risk.

Bmc Software

Humanized operation interface
Visual data collection interface provides more intuitive experience.

Cross-platform data compatibility
H2 series data analysis software applies to previous hardware platform with better compatibility.

Remote cloud-based PSG online analysis
Cloud-based data management platform could achieve patient data on line checking and analyzing and provide powerful remote sleep diagnostic function for professional sleep center.

Diversified & illustrated analysis report
The international universal format diagnosis report can be generated for clinical reading. The report can be customized according to the needs of doctors, more humanized.

Powerful data automatic analysis

  1. Data analysis according to the latest AASM standard
  2. Automatic sleep staging
  3. Sleep apnea, hypopnea and sleep-related arousal analysis
  4. PTT-pulse wave transit time
  5. PLM automatic analysis
  6. ST automatic analysis
  7. HRV automatic analysis
  8. The minimum SP02 analysis at night
  9. Snoring automatic analysis

Extensive Additional Features

  1. Systolic & diastolic blood pressure recording based on PTT
  2. Arrhythmia analysis
  3. Obstructive degree analysis based on flow limitation
  4. Flow and pressure monitoring during PAP
  5. Respiratory events analysis
  6. Sleep quality assessment
  7. Evaluation of cardio-cerebrovascular risk


The optimized sensor technology with powerful capacity of anti-interference provides excellent quality signal. Sensor cables are color coded thus making it easy to plug the correct sensor into the corrector receptacle. Advanced digital signal processing technology highly increases the performance and stability of the system.

Polypro H2 Series Specs
Polypro Portable Sleep Device BMC Brochure


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