PolyWatch Sleep Screener

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Promising you a real sense of freedom, the Polywatch Sleep Screener is more than something you wear. Lightweight with a user friendly interface, the polywatch provides a comprehensive report with reliable diagnosis for further therapy.


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PolyWatch Sleep Screener

Lightweight YH-600 polywatch sleep screener has user-friendly interface and comprehensive report which will provide you with compliance and reliable diagnosis for further therapy. Promise you a real sense of freedom, PolyWatch is more than something you wear.

Sleep Screener Features:

  • Portable design meets the mobility requirement. It’s simplicity & lightweight features give you a better sleep care.
  • Multiple parameters detection will provide you with a reliable & diversified monitory data
  • Automatic sleep identify & CSA detection gives you an accurate diagnosis.
  • Validated report provides you comprehensive information about your sleep index. Complete analysis results assist doctors to make further treatment plans for you.
Polywatch Sleep Screener


1 x PolyWatch Main Device

1 x Wrist Belt

1 x Pulse Oximeter Sensor

1 x Respiration Kit

1 x Airflow Cannula

1 x CPAP Pressure Tube

1 x Respiration Effort Belt

1 x Effort Lead Cable

1 x TF Card

1 x USB Data Cable

1 x PolyLogic Sleep Analysis Software CD

1 x User Manual

1 x Quick Operation Manual

1 x Carrying Case

SpO2 Range0%~100%
 Pulse Rate Range30~250 bpm
Red663 nanometers
Infrared890 nanometers
Maximal Optical Output PowerLess than 1.5 mw maximum average
Airflow Waveform
Frequency10~40 times per minute
CPAP Pressure
Snore150~300 Hz
Thorax/Abdomen effort (For YH-600B Pro)
Range10~40 times per minute
Body position (For YH-600B Pro) Supine position, sleep on left or right side, and prone positions can be detected
 Wrist movement (sleep/wake) Automatic sleep-awake identification from wrist movement
Operation5 °C~35 °C
Storage / Transportation-20 °C~55 °C
Operation≤ 80% (non-condensing)
Storage / Transportation≤ 93% (non condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure
Operation860~1060 hPa
Storage / Transportation700~1060 hPa
Power supplyDC 1.5V ±0.15V (1×1.5V R6 AA)
Minimum record durationNo less than 8 hours
Data storage64 records can be stored on TF card
Dimensions78 mm ×60 mm ×21 mm (main device)
Weight75g (main device without battery)
Waterproof RatingIP22
Working ModeContinuous Operation
User Manual
Polywatch YH600A Sleep Screener

Quick Operation Guide
Polywatch YH600A Sleep Screener Quick Operation Guide