SalivaScan Oral Fluid Drug Test 6 Drugs

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The most popular workplace testing device for random screening, blanket testing, post-incident, causal and return to work tests. Device tests for THC (marijuana), Methamphetamines (ice, ecstasy), Amphetamines (speed), Opiates (including heroin, morphine, codeine), Cocaine & Benzodiazepines (minor tranquiliser medications).

Product Description

SalivaScan Oral Fluid Drug Test (6 Drugs)

The DrugCheck® SalivaScan™ oral fluid drug test includes the first sponge saturation indicator on the market. No more throwing away devices due to inadequate specimen in the saliva drug test. The indicator strip in the collection swab changes color once the sponge contains enough saliva. The swab locks into the device for a tamper evident and airtight seal.

Drug test features:

  • Collect sufficient sample the first time with our innovative saliva drug test
  • Sponge saturation indicator (Patent Pending)
  • Market-leading drug cutoffs – No buffer required
  • 100% tamper-evident with sample held in airtight chamber for confirmation
  • One drug per strip for superior accuracy
  • Extraction ports for lab confirmation


Tests for THC (marijuana), Methamphetamines (ice, ecstasy), Amphetamines (speed), Opiates (including heroin, morphine, codeine), Cocaine, Benzodiazepines (minor tranquiliser medications)

Most popular workplace testing device: Random screening, Blanket testing, Post-incident, Causal, Return to work.


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