Electronica 800M PC Based Audiometer

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The Electronica 800M is a PC Based Screening Audiometer that performs Air Conduction tests. It is connected by USB to a PC and operate, simple to install, and intuitive software. It includes the Radioear DD45 headphones & Peltor Audio Cups and has a robust patient response switch ensuring a smooth user experience. It is a suitable device for General Practices, Occupational Clinics, Audiologists, Pre Employment & Schools plus many more.


Product Description

Electronica 800M Air Conduction Screening Audiometer 

Screening Audiometer features:

  • Simple USB connection to PC
  • Easy to install, intuitive & comprehensive software
  • No software licensing needed. Install on unlimited numbers of PC
  • Manual and automatic programmable modes
  • Optimisation of the tests, configuration of scenarios
  • Rapid execution (keyboard, mouse, personalization of programs)
  • Data banks, creation of patient files, saving, printing, exporting
  • Ultra-portable
    Includes superior Radioear DD45 Headphones

The software allows flexible adaptation to different Medicinal applications and personalisation of test programs according to the needs of Health Care Professionals.

  • Programming of custom tests
  • Can be interfaced with any medical software and to export the results of the tests in XML format
  • Ability to create databases, merging, synchronising and/or replacing databases
  • Help for interpreting audiograms (according to EN 7029)
  • Calculate hearing losses
  • Determine the hearing thresholds according to the «Hughson–Westlake» method
  • Produce a continuous or a pulsed sound
  • Make appear on the patient sheet, all the marking elements related to the test and the audiometer

The design of the audiometer 800M makes it capable to be connected with any PC (notebook, portable or for desk). The electrical safety of the whole assembly is in accordance with EN 60601-1.

Supplied in a carrying briefcase including:

  • The audiometric box
  • Highly isolated headphones (Radioear DD45)
  • USB cable
  • Patient response hand switch (6.35mm)
  • USB key containing software and end-user manual

Please Note:  Laptop pictured is not included


  • Audiometric box
  • Highly isolated headphones
  • USB cable
  • Patient response hand switch
  • USB key containing software and end-user manual
  • Function: Screening and control
  • Output: Air conduction – 2 jacks, mono, in 6.35 mm
  • Headphones: Radioear DD45
  • Frequency range AC: (11 values) 125, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 Hz
  • Output level: -10 à 100 HLdB (by 5 dB steps)
  • Stimuli: Steady or pulse
  • Tests: Manual or Automatic / normal and « Hughson Westlake » / Scenario « standard, random and custom-made”
  • Weight – Dimensions 1.5 Kg all accessories included – 350x300x100 mm
  • Power supply: USB link (mini USB)

Calculation of the hearing losses

  • IPA – Early Warning Indicator
  • PAM – Average Hearing Loss
  • + 3 formulas to be created. All formulas enable custom-made calculation

PC minimum requirements

  • 1 USB port, RAM: 1 Go, CPU: 1 GHz, Free space on hard disk: 50 MB
  • Graphic resolution : 1024×600
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Norms / Certifications

  • Audiometric norm EN 60645-1
  • Medical regulation CE0459 (G-MED) – Class IIa
  • Link USB isolated insuring the electric safety (according to EN 60601-1)


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