Hatmed 10 Litre A50B Autoclave B Class with USB

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These 10 litre rockets can process a B Class Sterilisation Cycle, including drying in 11 Minutes. The innovative rectangular chamber has 57% more capacity compared to a round chamber with the same cross-sectional area, and is ideal for Dental and Specialist Clinics that require a physically small but high-performance sterilisation solution.

Product Description

HaTmed B and S Class Fast Autoclave
The New Generation B and S Class Autoclaves!

The Atom series of Autoclaves by HaTmed is the newest generation of FAST B and S Class Autoclaves to come with “Pre-Vacuum Air Removal” and “Vacuum Drying”. This revolutionary B Class autoclave expands the applicable areas of fast autoclave to more instrument types and more clinical applications. It meets European Class B Standards and is the right choice for implants, hollow instruments, and other high infection risk instruments.

All Hatmed Autoclaves are listed on the ARTG and have Verified and Certified PressureVessels to meet Australian State WorkCover requirements.


  • Innovative Rectangle Shaped Chamber – Small Size, Big Capacity
    The 10 Litre A50B Atom Series Autoclave has the same effective sterilisation capacity as the 18 Litre round chamber autoclave at a fraction of the size of the round chamber, making full use of its chamber space. Its innovative rectangle-shaped chamber provides 1.57 Times more space than a conventional round chamber with the same cross-sectional area. It is especially suitable for implant instruments and toolboxes that need a fast turnover.
  • Fast Autoclave Offers More Than Speed
    As expected, the Atom Series Autoclaves are fast beyond imagination. All sterilisation programs are finished within 11 – 14 Minutes, including pre-vacuum cycles and vacuum drying, enabling quick turnover rates.
  • Quality First, Always!
    HaTmed Atom Series Fast Autoclaves meet European B Class Standards and is suitable for Wrapped or Unwrapped Instruments, Hollow A and Hollow B Types Of Instruments, and Implant Instruments. It is designed for medical institutions such as dental clinics, operation rooms, and ophthalmology clinics, where autoclaves are expected to meet high sterilisation standards and fast cycle times.

Must Have List For Sterilisation Room

  • Fast & Big Capacity
    Modern sterilisation rooms need both fast cycles & big capacities. Atom Series enable fast speed while conventional autoclaves have a bigger capacity. The combination of Atom Series Fast Autoclaves & Conventional Autoclaves is perfect for meeting the sterilisation needs of modern clinics & is a “must-have list” for modern sterilisation rooms.
  • Backup To Each Other
    Atom Series is a reliable backup for unexpected sterilisation needs. It can take over all of the sterilisation work in case of emergency such as malfunction of existing conventional steriliser & guarantee the normal operation of the medical institution.

Simply, Just Simple

  • Innovative Single Button Operation – Novel Design, Dial & Click with a Single Button. It is simple and easy to operate when wearing gloves.
  • LCD Colour Real-Time Display – LCD Screen displays the real-time information of the ongoing sterilisation cycle including chamber temperature, chamber pressure and elapsed time.
  • Automatic Door – Single Touch Automatic Opening and Closing.
Hatmed 10L A50B Fast Autoclave Steriliser Dimensions

Imported Parts

  • ODE Italian Solenoid Valves – More reliable and durable compared to regular consumer level products.
  • German Thomas Vacuum Pump – Provides superior performance, Vacuum Level as low as -0.92 Bar, and ensures fast speed, sufficient drying and sterilisation quality.
  • German Temperature and Liquid Level Sensor
  • Swiss Flowmeter
  • American Pressure Sensor
  • Independent Steam Generator – Stainless Steel, and highly resistant to corrosion, it is designed for generating pure steam and protects the instruments. Novel structure ensures both efficiency and steam quality.


HäTMED 5L A10B B and S Class
HäTMED 10L A50B B and S Class
5 Litres
10 Litres
Fastest B Cycle Time (Includes Drying)
11 Minutes
14 Minutes
Door Lock
Chamber Material
304 Stainless Steel
3.5 Inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Chamber Dimensions
210mm (W) x 96mm (H) x 327mm (D)
240mm (W) x 144mm (H) x 336mm (D)
Device Dimensions
443mm (W) x 202mm (H) x 622mm (D)
486mm (W) x 379mm (H) x 622mm (D)
2.5KG Metal Instruments or 0.75KG Textile
5KG Metal Instruments or 1.5KG Textile
Trays Included
2 Trays
3 Trays
Tray Dimensions
(300mm x 190mm x 23mm)
(300mm x 200mm x 23mm)
15A Outlet 240V 50Hz 2800W
Cycle Recording To USB
Optional Printer
External Printer (HATEXPRI2)
Water Requirements
External Water Supply and Waste Container
Residual Humidity
< 0.1%
Vacuum Level
-0.92 Bar
Cycle Types
GEN121, GEN134, Quick B, Quick S,
GEN134+, Optional Liquid, User 1, User 2
Standard Components
ODE Italian Solenoid Valves
Independent Steam Generator
German Thomas Vacuum Pump (37L/Min)
External Case Material
Carbon Metal White Powder Coat Cover

Note: All technical data, programs, and configurations may vary with models. HäTmed reserves the right to modify technical parameters without prior notice.


Kit Contents
HaTmed A10B/A50B Kit Contents

Quick Start Daily Use
A50B (10L) Quick Start Daily Use

Frequently Asked Questions
HaTmed FAQs

Cycle Recording Sample Output
Hatmed Cycle Recording Sample Output

HaTmed Brochure

User Manual
HATA50B Fast Autoclave (User Manual)

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