Alltion AC3000 Optical Colposcope


The AC-3000 Series features 250-430 mm variable objective lens. Its no-glare mode allows you to precisely analyze the color shades of the tissue.

It also features:

  • 0-180° inclinable binocular head
  • Fine adjusting handle for tilting observation
  • Horizontal adjustment functionality with built-in 4K Camera to capture real time output modules

Product Description

AC-3000 Series Optical Colposcope

Dsc 0800a
250-430mm Variable Objective Lens
  • Extra large working distance of 250 mm up to 430 mm
  • Enables focus on issues at various depths of the cervix without needing to reposition the device head.
  • Fixed objective 300mm lens is also available as an add-on
0-180°Inclinable Binocular Head

Provides angles for the user to adjust the observing height according to different preference.

Dsc 0795a
Dsc 0793a
Fine Adjusting Handle for Tilting Observation

Offers greater precision for adjusting the tilting angle when moving towards the patient.

No-Glare Mode for Reflection Protection
  • Anti-Glare mode allows precise analysis of tissue colour shades.
  • The cross polarisation capability visualises fine, but relevant details such as color nuances.
  • It effectively suppresses obtrusive light reflections from the metal instruments surface.
  • Maximum illumination over 50,000 Lux(250mm).
  • Colour temperature 5700K, colour rendering ≥85%.
  • Return to original condition of color and protect eyes of users
Dsc 0782a
Horizontal Adjustment Function
  • The main mirror’s horizontal adjustment feature allows for either straight-on or angled observation by the user.
Built-in 4K Camera Real Time Output Module
  • Photo
  • Video recording
  • Freeze
  • Image effect
  • Image storage to USB disk
  • Image/video review
  • Mouse operated
Optional Stand
Dsc 0819a

Tilting Base

Dsc 0819b

Rolling Base

Colposcope AC-3000 Built-in Camera Specifications
Sensor1/1.8" SONY 4K high-sensitivity and low-noise CMOS
Resolution3840x2160 60FPS (16:9)
StorageUSB flash disk (64G) can be connected externally
Data FormatReal time monitoring HDML picture:JPG format video:MP4 format
Basic FunctionFreeze. photograph video recording automatic exposure white balance. play back and cross curve
Image EffectExposure value. best brightness R/B gain, saturability. contrast ratio, definition and HDR, details enhance lucifuge mode edge color rending. black-white pattern, parameter lock parameter setting
Advanced FunctionsHorizontal flip vertical flip zoom out zoom in AOI and image comparison
System SettingsS,show/hide LOGO language setting save entity,system update, factory reset, version information
MeasurementDistance point to point circle, marker choice delete, color setting
PC ClientWindows system


AC-3000 Colposcope Brochure

AC-3000 Colposcope Software Manual
Software Manual


Optics Type Standard Optional
Magnification Manual 3-step Manual 5-step -
2.8/7.1/17.7 (In 300mm objective lens) 2.8/4.4(7.1/11.3/17.7 (In 300mm objective lens) -
Binocular Straight binocular with interpupilary distance adjustment 45obinocular/0-180'adjustable binocular with interpupilary distance adjustment
Range of Pupillary Distance 50-75mm -
Eyepiece Field 12X/18B with diopter adjustment +/- 7D 10X/21B with diopter adjustment +7D
Glass Technology Premium quality apochromatic technology -
Optical Extender - 30°/45' binocular extender
Objective Lens Objective lens 300mm Objective lens 250mm/400mm
LED Long-life LED: 50,000 hours .
Object Illumination Maximum 50,000 with objective lens 300mm .
Color Rendering 85% .
Illumination Color Temperature 5700K .
Light Spot Blue filter/ Green filter Nature white light -
Support System Stand Tilting stand Rolling stand with mobile base
Power Supply Rated Voltage Input:AC100-240V,50/60HZ,outputDC12V/3A .
Input Power 25-60VA -
Camera Built-in 4K camera -

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