CryoIQ Derm Plus Liquid 1mm DPST Tip x1 Direct Spray Freezing Cryotherapy

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Our CryoIQ Derm Plus Cryotherapy Device is our most popular and easiest to use Cryotherapy Device for direct spray freezing treatment. It is perfectly fitted for treating warts and other common skin lesions. Its unique construction with a Built-In Non-Return Valve prevents gas leakage, thus giving maximum use of the Nitrous Oxide N2O Gas Content.

Kit Includes:
CryoIQ DERM Plus Liquid system with device for direct spray freezing with a 1 mm to 6 mm treatment area

1 x gas cartridge N2O 25g

1 x freeze limiter

1 x case for storage

1 x user guide

Trade & Save Offer
Trade in your existing Cryo device of a different brand*, spend $749 on four (4) 25g CryoIQ cartridges and get $749 credit towards a CryoIQ kit containing an additional cartridge (4 + 1 cartridges total).

* Trade in device excludes CryoIQ devices

Product Description

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Innovative Cryosurgery

State of the art freezing technology using portable pencil-type grip Cryotherapy Device (CryoPen), which contains Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) Gas as a safer alternative to Liquid Nitrogen (LN₂) for precise treatment and removal of warts, and common, benign and premalignant skin lesions without damage to surrounding tissues, and with minimal scarring.

  • Precise and High Accuracy
  • No Pre-Treatment Preparation
  • Fast and Effective Cryosurgery
  • Minimal Pain (Anaesthesia Optional)
  • No Spills Or Leakage Of Hazardous Liquid Nitrogen (LN₂)
  • Built-In Non-Return Valve  Safely Remove / Change Cartridge / Device At Any Time
Spider Veins
Skin Tags
Sebaceous Cysts
Cherry Angiomas
Brown/Age Spots

Liquid Spray Freezing
Treat Larger Surface Areas
Glass Tip Spray Applicator With Constant Penetrating Temperature Of -89oC

1mm Glass Tip 1-6mm Treatment Area


CryoIQ Derm Plus – Liquid Spray Freezing 1mm
Applicator Material
Glass Tip
Freeze Temperature
Treatment Area Surface Coverage
1mm - 6mm
Kit Inclusion
CryoIQ DERM Plus Liquid system including:
1 x direct spray freezing tip with a 1 mm to 6 mm treatment area
1 x freeze limiter
1 x Nitrous Oxide (N2O) 25g Cartridge
1 x case for storage
1 x user guide
Built-In Filter
Built-In Non-Return Valve
CryoPen Device Weight (Total)
82g (Including 25G N2O Cartridge)
Length: 120mm
Diameter: 22mm
12 Months


Trade & Save Form
CryoIQ Derm Trade & Save Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

CryoIQ Cryotherapy Device (Brochure)

Suggested Treatment Times
CryoIQ Cryotherapy Device (Treatment Times)

General Practice (User Guide)
CryoIQ Derm Plus (GP User Guide)

Veterinary Practice (User Guide)
CryoIQ Derm Plus (Veterinary User Guide)


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