3D AED Sign

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The sign is intended to indicate the presence of an AED, locating an AED in a room or locating a container with an AED for public use.

Product Description

Wall-mounted AED sign

The AED sign is designed to be displayed in areas to assist people in finding the location of the nearest Defibrillator.  

The 3-D design helps to locate an available Defibrillator from several directions.

The AED signs could be mounted either with a double sided tape or fastening the screws on a wall.  

The AED sign features: 
  • Pre-drilled holes for an easy installation
  • Large and bold graphics for easier understanding 
  • A V-shaped design that makes the sign readable from two directions 
  • It Is made of durable plastic material that helps with sustain for a longer time
4mm X 4 Mounting Holes (12)

The universal ILCOR AED sign

The universal ILCOR AED sign has been designed in accordance with ISO 7010 for safety signs and shape. Colors and symbols are in accordance with ISO 3864-3. Its comprehensibility has been tested in accordance with ISO 9186-1, rev. 2007 and proved superior to alternative designs.

 Its purpose is to assist in the rapid identification of an AED in cases of cardiac arrest.
The sign may be combined with additional symbols or letters, such as an arrow or the letters ‘AED’ or equivalents in different languages. Use of the full text, ‘defibrillator’, is not encouraged for reasons of visibility from a distance. Several examples of possible variations are shown below..

Aed Square
Aed Ilcor Sign (1)
  • The colour of the AED sign is standard colour RAL 6032 (equivalent: DIN 616421.7:6.5:4; Pantone 348C)
  • There is no minimum or maximum size of a safety sign. The size is determined by the largest possible distance at which the sign must be readable. The design principles for size and illumination are published by ISO 3864-1.

Where should the AED sign be placed? 

The sign should be placed above the AED cabinet

4mm X 4 Mounting Holes (13)


  • Background Color – Green
  • Text/Icon Color – White
  • Material –  Plastic (PVC)
  • Orientation  – Horizontal
  • Size (H x W)  – 250 x 180 mm
  • Visibility – Bi-Directional
  • Projection – 3-Dimentional


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