Minston Q10 Dual Arm Ceiling Mount Examination Light 03 Series

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Designed for examination, consulting and treatment rooms this light has x 10 long life LEDs with digital touch control for light intensity and colour rendering. The Infra Red free technology reduces heat for patient and doctor comfort.

Product Description

Minston Q10 Dual Arm Ceiling Mount Examination Light

Minston Q10 03 Medical Surgery Examination Light
  • Great manoeuvrability and effortless positioning
  • High quality powder coating and superior stability
  • Spring-balanced arm for user-friendly positioning
  • Removable control handle which can be sterilised
  • Control handle enables precise positioning
  • Comes with additional control handle
  • Integrated touchpad control
  • Adjustable 4-step dimmer guarantees excellent visibility
  • Red balance control colour adjustment

Excellent Colour Rendering Index
Enhanced visibility of the most subtletones in tissues. The illuminated region appears natural and contrasted. The light output is not harsh and the colours are rendered accurately. Provides “daylight” illumination for truer tissue colour rendition and easier diagnosis and treatment.
Colour temperature can be adjusted for optimal contrast sensitivity.

IR-free technology from the LED light source reduces heat for the comfort of both patient and doctor. The LED service life is 40 times longer than halogen bulbs.

Minston Q10 03 Medical Surgery Examination Light 6

Low energy consumption: 1/3 less than the conventional halogen system. Tissues do not dry up as rapidly during the intervention under very low radiation from the light.

Minston Q10 03 Medical Surgery Examination Light 3

Enhance visualisation of red tissues. Improved differentiation between tissues of similar colour. Light colour can be adjusted to suit different optical colour responses.

Minston Q10 03 Medical Surgery Examination Light 4

Suitable for use in:

  • Hospitals
  • Day Surgeries
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • GP Clinics
  • Operating Theatres
  • Intensive care units
  • Examinations rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Emergency rooms
  • Treatment rooms

Additional features:

  • Light and strong lamp head -Plastic material, integrated 10 LED bulbs, 360 degree turn over.
  • Full digital light touching control for illumination and colour temperature.
  • Full aluminium arm – brushing & electric oxidation surface. Spring balance friction joint – perfect position.
  • Detachable mobile system – white spray coating metal vertical pipe and mobile base.

Sample fitting for a 3m height ceiling

In the example of a 3m high ceiling – the distance between lamphead and ground for the lower lamphead is 1650mm and highest is 2480mm and for the upper lamphead, the lowest end is 1750mm, the highest end is 2580mm.  The vertical movement range of lamphead is 83cm.


Model Number KS-Q10-03C
Light Intensity 78,000lx @ D=50cm, 40,000;x @ D=100cm
Diameter of lamphead 26x23cm
Length of arm 1085mm
Colour Temperature 4000-5000K
Brightness Adjustment Control by touch sensitive
Light field diameter 20cm at D=100cm
Light Source 10 LEDs
LED Average Life 50000 hours
Power Consumption 12W
Ceiling Rod Configuration
Accessory Code Length of Ceiling Rod Height of Ceiling
cr001 standard 1071 mm 2.8 – 3.2 m
cr002 387 mm 2.5 m
cr003 1387 mm 3.5 m
cr004 1887 mm 4 m
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